COMPIRICUS Newsletter December 2014

COMPIRICUS Newsletter December 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to present you today the first edition of the COMPIRICUS magazine “You should know!“. You will find interesting facts about “Financial Asset Management” and “Treasury and Risk Management”. Just have a look – maybe there is something interesting for you:

  • Integrated Risk Management for Commodities
  • Trade Accelerator
  • SALTA Module for Alternative Assets
  • Cash Disposition Monitor

Enjoy reading!

COMPIRICUS Integrated Risk Management for Commodities - Stabilize your profits in times of volatile commodity prices

Recently the SAP Treasury Module has been enhanced with the new functionality for „Financial Risk Management for Commodities“ and is now fully integrated with „Logistics“ ...

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COMPIRICUS Trade Accelerator - The Smart Portfolio Management System powered by SAP HANA: Perform over the Top with Real-Time Portfolio-Management

Portfolio Growth: You are striving to realize your growth ambitions within your Investment Portfolios while mitigating and reducing costs at the same time?

Competetive Edge: You are seeking for a high degree of automation in the execution of your investment strategies to gain a competitive advantage?

Compliance Guaranty: You want to ensure that your Portfolio Management system meets current and future regulatory requirements and provide extended compliance coverage and risk analytics to avoid the consequences of compliance breaches?

Saving of Costs: You want a Portfolio Management system that individually preselects from a broad range of available financial investments based on advanced stockpicking algorithm but at the same time reduces transaction costs?

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COMPIRICUS’ SALTA Module for Alternative Assets - Realize all your end-closings shortterm and economically

COMPIRICUS already updated Schedule BA according to newest NAIC requirements valid end of year 2014. The new data requirements are also embedded in COMPIRICUS‘ SAP based Alternative Asset Solution SALTA as well as in the US Statutory Reporting package.

COMPIRICUS Cash Disposition Monitor - Significant increase in efficiency through automation


If your goals are ...

  • A Modern cash disposition management
  • Optimal monitoring of international payment transactions
  • Increase in efficiency through automation
  • Cost savings

Then: The COMPIRICUS Cash Disposition Monitor offers you a comprehensive solution and a modern user interface. The monitor provides you with all data from.