COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool for SAP

The UI5 app with which you can carry out automated tests in your SAP system, reducing test costs and improving your system quality.

Test automation for SAP: Are you already relaxed or are you still struggling with manual test procedures?

Regression tests ensure the quality of digititalized business processes and are becoming increasingly time-consuming in the course of highly complex SAP S/4HANA transformations. With the COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool, IT and business departments now have the opportunity to automatically run through huge test scenarios in a fraction of the time and concentrate top-class resources on tasks with higher added value.

Economically allocation of sensible resources

With the COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool, huge test scenarios can be run automatically in a fraction of the time. Meanwhile, you can concentrate your precious manpower on tasks with higher value.

Design the app with us

Become our innovation partner and get an application that meets your requirements! Your advantage? We will take your application requirements into account and provide you with a larger development budget.

At a glance – Worth knowing

The COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool for SAP is a modern UI5 application with which you can create and execute automated tests in your SAP system.

The tool allows you to test customer-specific programs in addition to standard SAP transactions. This not only reduces the costs of manual tests, but also improves the quality of SAP systems.

At its core, the Automated Test Tool is based on a web app with a smart user interface. With the help of this user interface, test cases can be created and managed by the department itself. COMPIRICUS provides the corresponding patterns and construction kits for this. These can be used to easily create test cases.

The COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool is of interest to all SAP ON PREMISE users. The initial focus is on SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) and SAP Loans Management (CML).
  • The application can reduce costs for manual tests and at the same time improve the SAP system quality.
  • Test case monitoring enables direct documentation for auditors.
  • Reporting and error analysis options.
  • Direct jump possibilities into the SAP system.
  • Smart and simple test case creation

The following system requirements are necessary to use all SAP UI5 functionalities of the app:


With limited functionality, the Automated Test Tool can also run on a SAP EHP8 system + FES2020, among others.

The COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool is an SAP add-on for S/4HANA ON PREMISE systems in the COMPIRICUS namespace. COMPIRICUS provides it as a normal transport.

The COMPIRICUS Automated Test Tool is still under development. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly try to take your special requirements into account during development.

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