Experts in Finance, Investment, Treasury and Risk Management

When it comes to Treasury and Risk Management with SAP, we are your perfect partner: More than 20 years experience

Customized solutions, which not only make everyday work extremely efficient, but also considerably easier

COMPIRICUS is one of the leading international software and consulting companies in the field of investment, treasury, and risk management. We are your first point of contact when it comes to process and/or system solutions for your SAP system landscape.

Investment-, Risiko-, Treasury-Management

International financial reporting

Cash/Liquidity Management Processes

Procedures in investment management

Treasury-Controlling und -Compliance

Internal and external reporting

Part of X1F

We were founded in 2009 as an owner-managed stock corporation and have been part of the X1F Group since 2021. (Link to X1F) Furthermore, we are implementation and development partner of SAP, trusted partner of Fioneer, Bloomberg development partner as well as FIS Certified Partner.

We always find the best solution for our customers

Investment and Treasury Management Solutions designed & made by COMPIRICUS: Our solutions make your daily work as an investment and treasury manager or SAP user not only efficient, but also comfortable.

Our team operates worldwide

The COMPIRICUS team consists of about 70 colleagues. Our company headquarters are in Düsseldorf. Our 100% subsidiary COMPIRICUS Inc. is located in Boston (USA). Our clientele includes listed financial services companies as well as industrial companies from a wide range of industries all over the world.

The meaning of the name COMPIRICUS

Our company name is composed of: COMPass, it gives the direction in which we want to move and develop – and emPIRICUS [lat.: following experience] – this stands for the basis of our striving to derive new impulses for the future from successfully implemented projects and product developments.

COMPIRICUS is your scout for technologies of the future

COMPIRICUS is your scout for technologies of the future.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus already knew: “Nothing is as constant as change.” This is how it is now and how it will be in the future. That is why the COMPIRICUS innovation team always has its “ear to the ground”, senses technological trends, deals with the pros and cons and sees itself as a technology avant-gardist for our customers and interested parties. You too are welcome to use this expertise for yourself and your company, in order to always stay up to date when it comes to new technologies and their significance for your SAP system landscape.

Milestones in our SAP expertise

Several members of our team know the SAP modules Treasury (TRM) and the so-called “Financial Asset Management (FAM) as well as the Loan Management Module (SAP CML) from the first “Line of Code”. They have already participated in their creation and still support SAP in the further development of the modules.

Our management

The managing directors of COMPIRICUS introduce themselves:

Thorsten Au | Managing Director
Thorsten Au | Managing Director+1 617-895-7977
Michael Mansen | Managing Director
Michael Mansen | Managing Director+1 617-895-7977
Jörg Pappert | President & CEO
Jörg Pappert | President & CEO+1 617-895-7977