COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter®

The universal interface tool for integrating financial data into your SAP treasury system

Instead of many, individual SAP interface programs: One for all

With the COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter®, SAP TRM/FAM interfaces can be quickly created and operated via a modular principle. Many of the world’s largest SAP TRM/FAM users use the Financial Adapter® as the standard program for creating and operating SAP TRM/FAM interfaces.

Statoil connects SAP TRM with Bloomberg AIM

“We are very satisfied with COMPIRICUS, the Financial Adapter, as well as its implementation, which was carried out in a very professional and routine manner.”

*Statoil is now called Equinor

Signal Iduna builds interface between SAP TRM and front-office system PMS

“The use of the COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter® enables us to merge front office and KAG data from separate systems in our SAP TR system in a time and resource-saving manner. The supply of internal and external reporting and subsequent controlling systems is thus ensured with high quality.”

At a glance – Worth knowing

Multi-talent for the creation and management of SAP-TRM/FAM interfaces

With the Financial Adapter®, you can connect different IT systems to your SAP-TRM/FAM with one application:

  • Market and master data systems (provider)
    – Front office and portfolio management system
  • Fund system (from investment companies and custodian banks)
  • external databases
  • etc.
The Financial Adapter® encapsulates the more than 200 SAP-TRM function modules (BAPIs) for the automatic import and export of financial data in one application. The mapping of values is done directly in SAP. This makes it possible to create SAP-TRM/FAM interfaces quickly via customizing using the modular principle for the following data:

  •  Market data: Price for securities, foreign exchange, reference interest rates, index, SWAP, and volatilities.
  • Master data: Partner, Investment (incl. Solvency II, reporting, redemption and termination schedules).
  • Transaction data: Trades (SE, MM, FX, DE, OTC), corporate actions, securities payments, manual postings, etc.
  • Position data

Using the client principle, several interfaces can be created and operated with the Financial Adapter®, even for the same data types. This significantly reduces the maintenance effort, especially since many SAP-TRM/FAM customers are using the Financial Adapter® productively.

For complex integration scenarios, the Financial Adapter® can also be called from middleware systems, such as SAP-PI, etc.

For every SAP user who wants to import or export data regularly and automatically into a SAP TRM/FAM system. The Financial Adapter® is particularly suitable for complex integration scenarios, such as front-office integration, or if several interfaces are to be implemented for an SAP TRM/FAM.
  • Realization and operation of several SAP TRM/FAM interfaces with one standard solution
  • Certainty of practicality, as many are in productive use.
  • Flexible and yet stable interfaces
  • Saving of manual effort
  • Short implementation time
  •  Even complex integration scenarios can be implemented

The Financial Adapter® is available for several SAP releases, starting with SAP EHP 8.

The Financial Adapter is an SAP add-on for ON PREMISE systems in the COMPIRICUS namespace, which provides COMPIRICUS as normal transport.

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The Financial Adapter® is used by many companies, including global insurance groups, to automatically import or export data to SAP-TRM/FAM.

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