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COMPIRICUS, a company of the X1F Group, is one of the leading international software and consulting companies with process and system solutions for investment, treasury and risk management. For our customers, we create custom-fit solutions that make the day-to-day work for you as an investment, treasury and risk manager not only extremely efficient, but also comfortable at the same time.


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Sustainability in capital investment 

Liquidity planning

Solution for your cash flow forecast

S/4HANA Transformation

Generation change made easy

Process Automation

Complete financial processes
in half the time

COMPIRICUS Service Offer – Basic

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Investment Management with SAP FAM

When it comes to the management of capital investments, we are your partner of choice: Trust in our more than 30 years of know-how

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Loans Management with SAP CML/CMS

With us, you are in the best hands when it comes to loan and collateral management with SAP CML or SAP CMS.

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Treasury Management with SAP TRM

Since the "1st line of code" we know the SAP Treasury and Risk Management module. Trust in our outstanding competence.

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Statutory Reporting for Insurance Companies

Statutory reporting under SAP FS-SR is one of our major strengths. In addition, we also offer solutions for Italy and the USA.

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Custom Software Development

When you need more than standard: We offer multiple services in the field of SAP software development.

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S/4HANA Transformation

How to successfully manage your treasury transformation to SAP S/4HANA - with consideration for your resources.

COMPIRICUS Service Offer Focus

Frau die lächelnd am Telefon ist und die Beine auf den Tisch hat

Automation of your SAP Processes

We support you in automating your SAP financial processes and at the same time offer the right software solution.

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Reference Interest Rate Reform

What you need to consider when implementing the Reference Interest Rate Reform in your SAP system landscape. Solution for EhP7 now available.

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Cash Management & Payments

How to manage your payments and financial risk with real-time integrated solutions from SAP.

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Hedge Accounting

Design and development of a high-end system solution for your risk management under SAP S/4HANA Treasury.

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Liquidity Planning

Liquidity management based on SAP: How to comprehensively ensure your company's solvency even in turbulent times.

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EU GDPR Compliance for SAP CML

We implement the EU GDPR requirements in your SAP CML system landscape for you. Professionally. Seamlessly. Legally compliant.

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High time to make data, processes and SAP CML/CMS fit for the new requirements. We support you with software and service.

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Migration Collateral Management CML → CMS

We support you in migrating your collateral from SAP CML to SAP CMS. Trust in our more than 25 years of module know-how.

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Sustainability in Capital Investments

We provide you with professional support in implementing ESG reporting requirements.

Liquidity Management in turbulent times

In times of crisis, the importance of reliable tools becomes apparent, which companies can use to ensure solvency or alignment with a defined cash flow target despite volatile planning parameters. Our all-in-one liquidity management software, CILA can. State-of-the-art forecasting techniques guarantee seamless data integration. No more tedious collecting from various sources. Get to know CILA and convince yourself of the advantages of this solution.

Case Study: The new way of Process Controlling in SAP

Find out how an international corporation with over 100 company codes was able to complete its annual financial statements with 35% time savings and higher quality thanks to SAP process automation with COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit.

COMPIRICUS Software Collection

Custom-fit software products that make everyday work for you as an investment, treasury, and risk manager not only
extremely efficient but also comfortable at the same time.


Process Cockpit

Modern SAP UI5 app that runs complex financial processes automatically: More quality, more transparency, more speed.



Intelligent Liquidity Analytics

All-in-one Cash Forecasting & Liquidity Planning Solution.

Alternative Asset Cockpit Icon


Alternative Investment Cockpit

Software solution for alternative investment management under SAP.



Funds Order Management

SAP TRM add-on for insurance to automate trading and management of unit linked portfolios (FLV/FRV).

Financial Adapter Icon


Financial Adapter®

Universal interface tool for the integration of internal and external financial data into your SAP Treasury.

Investment Forecaster Icon


Investment Forecaster

Automated calculation of resilient investment scenarios for large portfolios and complex financial instruments.

SAP Schnittstellen Icon


Interface package

Connect internal and external systems easily with SAP. Already more than 200 SAP interfaces have been realized.

Statutory Reporting Icon


Statutory Reporting

Solutions for regulatory reporting with SAP FS-SR.

Treasury Data Hub Icon


Treasury Data Hub

App for automatic SAP treasury data distribution to other SAP systems in your company.

FinStabDEV Icon



FinStabDEV Readyness Check and reporting solution: We help to make data, processes and SAP CML/CMS fit.


Benchmarkreform Add-on for SAP ECC 6.0 EhP7

Supported are all fundamentally new reference interest rates such as SOFR, €STR, SONIA, TONA, SARON.

Darlehensbewertungs-Tool für SAP CML Icon


Loan Valuation Tool for SAP CML

Guarantees users the highest precision in the calculation of present values and clean prices.

What our Team says about COMPIRICUS

“When I came to Germany as a Spaniard to COMPIRICUS, I was warmly welcomed and quickly integrated into the team, so that my initial uncertainty in the foreign environment quickly gave way. The exciting tasks allowed me to further develop my expertise in the areas of project and product development. I also appreciate the high-tech work equipment, which makes my work easier.”

Pablo, Senior Consultant, since 2015 at COMPIRICUS

“At COMPIRICUS I can solve interesting and challenging tasks from the financial sector in a pleasant working environment together with my team. Even though project work sometimes takes longer, my personal work-life balance doesn’t fall by the wayside.”

Thomas, Director, at COMPIRICUS since 2011

„At COMPIRICUS, we are true team players. My colleagues are all positive thinkers who do not shy away from difficult tasks and support each other. Since everyone is an expert in his or her own field, we know how to complement each other perfectly and in my still young time at COMPIRICUS I have been able to learn a lot as a result.“

Dustin, Consultant, since 2021 at COMPIRICUS

„Since I started as a junior, I have had the opportunity to develop according to my ideas. I was supported by my superiors and was able to develop professionally and personally. In the projects, we always stand by our colleagues but also the customer to master challenging tasks together – and that’s fun!“

Jaro, Manager, since 2015 at COMPIRICUS

“I look forward to doing my job at COMPIRICUS every day anew. Because I have a challenging and constantly changing range of jobs and choose the tasks in coordination with my supervisor. This flexibility doesn’t stop there: for example, each employee is free to choose whether and on how many days to work from home or which office location to choose. That’s what I call valuing the work-life balance of the people who work here.”

Nils, Senior Consultant, since 2018 at COMPIRICUS
“COMPIRICUS allows me to grow professionally and be a mom at the same time. As a “working mom”, flexible working hours and flexible home office arrangements, in addition to the childcare subsidy for children under 3, are a big advantage.”
Alessa, Assistant to the Managing Director, since 2022 at COMPIRICUS

“I already gained numerous impressions of the corporate culture during my time as a working student. From the very beginning, I was given a strong “sense of unity” here. The value and employee-oriented corporate management convinced me to remain part of the COMPIRICUS team even after graduation!”

Steffen, Junior Consultant, since 2023 at COMPIRICUS