We offer a variety of interfaces that allow you to effortlessly connect IT systems with SAP.

SAP Interfaces

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Aladdin® by Blackrock®
SAP Interface

Fully automated data import into the SAP system: Master Data and Transaction Data Available Within Seconds in SAP.

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Coupa Treasury / Bellin tm5
SAP Interface

For the module LMCash – TTGL – LMPlanning – ICBalances: BELLIN Connector Suite.


Bloomberg per Security
SAP Interface

The perfect connection of Bloomberg per Security and SAP TRM as well as SAP FAM: Makes sure that your financial transactions meet the regulatory requirements.

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Bloomberg AIM®
SAP Interface

Transfer of transactions recorded in Bloomberg AIM to SAP: For security, FX rates, money market, stock exchange-traded and OTC derivative transactions.

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Reuters DataScope
SAP Interface

For the import of various Reuters data: Selective data import – minimal cost.

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SimCorp Dimension
SAP Interface

For the full integration of SimCorp Dimension and SAP TRM / FAM: IFRS valuations processed directly in SAP.

SAP Interface

Data exchange with SunGard Asset Arena and AvantGard Quantum: Fully automated import of SWIFT Transactions.


SAP Interface

Fully automated import of 360T Transactions: The perfect connection of 360T and SAP TRM/FAM.

Connect internal and external systems effortlessly with SAP

As an official SAP Development Partner, COMPIRICUS has designed standard products on behalf of SAP in the integration environment and has provided consulting services for four of the five largest insurance companies in Europe regarding integration issues. Our standard solution, the Financial Adapter, is used by three of the five largest European insurance companies for SAP TRM interfaces to help them meet the require­ments of modern investment processes and system integration.

Numerous application scenarios

As an official SAP development partner, we have designed various standard products in the integration environment for SAP.

Already more than 200 SAP interfaces implemented 

Three of the five largest European insurance companies use COMPIRICUS interface technology.

At a glance – Worth knowing

We speak of an SAP interface when data is transferred automatically between an IT system/program and an SAP system on a regular basis.

In the SAP Treasury environment, this can include the following types of data:

  • Market data
  • Master data
  • Transaction data
  • Position data
  • etc.

In this sense, modern SAP treasury systems should no longer require the user to manually create external mass data; instead, the user always works with current market data, such as security prices, for example. For global SAP treasury platforms, more than 20 different SAP interfaces are implemented by us, as different types of data are imported from different data providers. With the Financial Adapter®, COMPIRICUS offers a standard solution to configure SAP interfaces as well as to implement customer-specific logics.

SAP interfaces usually consist of two adapters and a communication process agreed upon by the supplying and receiving sides. The adapter of the supplying system provides the data e.g. in the form of a file. The transfer then takes place according to the communication process, e.g. via SFTP, etc. In more complex integration scenarios, including cross-company interfaces, middleware is often used for the communication process (including transfer of data). On the receiving side, for example, the Financial Adapter interprets the external values for a value mapping and calls the import functions in the correct logic for SAP.

For every SAP user who wants to import or export data regularly and automatically into a SAP-TRM/FAM/CML system. The Financial Adapter® is particularly suitable for complex integration scenarios, such as front-office integration, or if several interfaces are to be implemented for an SAP TRM/FAM.
  • Cost savings, as manual effort is eliminated
  • Efficiency, as even large amounts of data are loaded quickly
  • Higher process speed, as interface can also run at night, for example
  • Higher quality of data incl. automatic checks
  • Security, as incorrect entries are avoided

Customized interfaces can be implemented on all SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems. If standard software such as the Financial Adapter is used, an SAP release of SAP EHP 8 or higher is required.

Currently, we only offer SAP interfaces for SAP ON PREMISE systems. If you need an interface for SAP Cloud products, we can gladly check the possibility.

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We have implemented over 200 SAP interfaces at more than 50 companies in the last 20 years, including international insurance groups that operate a global treasury platform with SAP-FAM.

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