Financial Asset Management
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SAP FAM (Financial Asset Management) – The Complete Solution for Your Investment Management

Regardless of which financial instruments or asset classes come into question – it is not only internationally positioned companies that use SAP’s financial asset management solution for their capital investment management. The modules it contains also allow the mapping of complex scenarios, such as the portfolios of several group companies in different countries with several parallel accounting systems. But it is also worthwhile for less large financial service providers SAP FAM can be scaled to almost any size.

SAP FAM consists of the following modules:

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As a partner of SAP, we support you in the design of SAP asset management functions as well as their implementation and integration into the respective corporate environment:

  • Holistic mapping of all common financial transactions, capital investments and financing transactions in SAP TRM and SAP CML
  • Process definitions and adjustments
  • Posting of business transactions according to different standards via several parallel accounting systems
  • Connection of the business transactions to be posted to several parallel accounting systems
  • External and internal reporting, as well as connection to data warehouse solutions
  • Migration and/or merging of old and actual data


We enable extensive integration of asset management into the internal and external overall corporate process chains through

  • Integration of SAP TRM and SAP CML master and mark data with upstream internal systems or to mark data providers via direct connection, via adapter or SWIFT
  • Connection of SAP TRM and SAP CML business data to and from trading and/or correspondence systems: internal/Web/SWIFT network
  • Support in the implementation of special solutions and customer-specific adaptations to the evaluated requirements

Fulfillment of the “beyond the standard wishes” is our specialty

If you need special functionalities that go beyond the standard, we can offer you proven SAP TRM solutions and SAP TRM add-ons and / or customized SAP TRM developments.

You are looking for a proven “all-in-one” system solution for your investment management and a competent and experienced partner for the implementation  or you are already using the individual modules from SAP Financial Asset Management and would like to optimize or expand your solution.

In a nutshell – Advantages of an SAP S/4HANA financial asset management system “made by COMPIRICUS”:

  • Comprehensive analyses of your cash flows
  • Real-time information for fast action and high transparency
  • Significant increase in productivity through fully automated processes
  • High performance through an S/4HANA in-memory database
  • Reduction of interfaces through seamless integration into your SAP landscape

During our more than 20 years of experience, we have accompanied numerous of projects in the financial asset management environment. In the last years these were among others

  • Introduction of a central investment management system for an international reinsurance and primary insurance group to map more than 100 company codes with different accounting standards
  • Implementation of an IFRS 9 solution in investment management for the German subsidiary of an international insurance group
  • Migration of a SAP FAM solution in a brownfield approach for a German insurance company

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