COMPIRICUS Alternative Investment Cockpit

SAP Treasury & Risk Management (TRM)-based solution that enables you to manage, control, and report on your heterogeneous capital investments in alternative assets and private equities in the one uniform interface

Make your Reporting and Notification Tasks stress-free!

As an investment manager, you are responsible for the portfolio management and investment accounting of your company’s alternative assets or private equities.

  • Your alternative assets and private equities in the portfolio management are merged with other investments in terms of system technology,

  • reporting and investment accounting are optimized and standardized, and

  • the alternative assets are subject to reporting to an insurance supervisory authority, e.g. BaFin, NAIC, and the data must be reported correctly and on time.

At a glance – Worth knowing

The COMPIRICUS Alternative Investment Cockpit is a solution based on SAP Treasury & Risk Management (TRM), with which you can manage, control and report your heterogeneous capital investments in alternative assets and private equity in the one uniform interface.

Our Solution

The following processes can be mapped with the COMPIRICUS solution for alternative assets and private equities:

  • Inventory management,
  • Capital investment accounting,
  • Reporting as from the investment decision right through to the return on the capital investment.

The view of the extensive master data management also covers information on underlyings, securities as well as balance sheet data and the distribution of the ownership shares.

In conjunction with the COMPIRICUS reporting components (e.g. for Italy or the USA) our Alternative Asset Cockpit also has the data required for reporting available for the corresponding analyses.

Functional scope

The solution integrated in the SAP-ERP system and, in particular, with SAP FAM features the following functionalities:

  • administration of all relevant master data, shareholding structures, underlyings and balance sheet data in a uniform interface,
  • complete, functional support as from the investment decision through to the return on capital, including a flexible allocation of a return flow in individual components affecting stock and net income,
  • generation of key accounting figures such as asset value, individual value adjustments or amortizations according to different parallel accounting such as HGB, IFRS and US GAAP in combination with the standard SAP FAM functionality,
  • administration of commitments as additional inventory components,
  • complete integration in the SAP standard functionality of SAP FI or SAP CM, as well as in the regulatory reporting if required.

Features and Highlights

  • The Dashboards sits on top of SAP FAM and uses SAP standard functionality as much as possible.
  • All application data are managed in original SAP tables. The dashboard calls SAP standard BAPIs.
  • Fully integrated with SAP Financials (General Ledger), even direct postings into multiple company codes/business units (with segmentation approach).
  • Multi-currency approach with sport rate and average rate translation (for US TAX).
  • Direct Integration into FS-SR-xx (especially COMPIRICUS’ Statutory Reporting content).
  • Flexible design of relevant transactions needed in dashboard.

Uniform platform

The COMPIRICUS solution is fully integrated into SAP ERP and thereby offers a system-supported merging of other capital investments administered in SAP FAM into the one uniform platform.

Efficient data management

It acts as a Single Source of Truth for all alternative asset processes with the proviso that processes from the front, middle and back office are covered.

Available information at any time

It offers an integral overview of all relevant alternative asset milestones and thereby enables a quick reaction to queries from investors and management.

End-to-end process documentation

It provides a history of all processes concerning your alternative assets at a glance. This includes notifications and correspondence with other investors and partners, as well as protocols and other documents.

Flexible data transfer

Supplemented by the COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter®, a wide variety of interfaces pertaining to internal and external partners can be embedded in your system landscape.

Diversity in unity

The package is rounded off by standard reports for an inventory overview, financial flow analysis or for accounting information in the individual mapping or in an aggregated merging.

Ready for reporting

Insurance companies have the option available of seamlessly using the data in regulatory insurance reporting.

A leap in know-how

As a SAP parter we have known SAP FAM since its creation and, as such, more or less inside and out. Moreover, we know the sector and its needs; on the one hand due to longstanding collaboration with renowned clients and, on the other, since some of our colleagues are themselves experts in this area.

In any case for you this means: Qualified advice, lean projects and, in the end, the certainty of a high-level, functional and stable solution with which you can work.

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