COMPIRICUS Process Automation Cockpit for SAP

A modern SAP UI5 app for automating SAP processes (including TRM/FAM, CML, FI, etc.) for more quality, more transparency and more speed

Modern, automated processing of tasks allows processes to be completed in half the time.

Many processes, such as the annual financial statement of an insurance company in an SAP treasury system, can include more than 100 process steps, which are carried out by different departments, people, and applications. The COMPIRICUS Process Automation Cockpit is an application that allows you to handle even such complex SAP processes automatically and easily.

New way of work

The application allows you to create a new way of task-based processing of tasks. The user is guided through the process and may no longer need to start SAP transactions manually. Thus, tasks can be easily transferred to other users.

Application scenarios

All repetitive SAP processes with a certain level of complexity, such as financial statements (including TRM/CML/FI), generating notifications (including regulatory reporting), data processing (including FPSL), and manual processes that need to be documented.

At a glance – Worth knowing

The efficient, automated handling of standard processes in SAP (TRM/FAM, CML) is a frequently cherished wish nowadays. However, pure robotic solutions, for example, do not always map the complete process including manual steps. In addition, new technologies may have to be learned outside the SAP standard. In this respect, COMPIRICUS has created a solution with its customers that not only enables automation, but transparency as well as efficient processing of tasks with SAP technologies.

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, FI, etc.) is a modern SAP UI5 application for efficient, automated process handling that is fully integrated into SAP S/4HANA. Process processing is fully documented, so that, among other things, projections at the time of completion are also possible in the Management View. With the help of reporting, data for process documentation (audit) and process optimization are available for the first time, if necessary.

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) clearly displays all process steps (tasks) and can automatically start several process steps simultaneously, such as SAP standard transactions or customer-specific programs. It automatically checks preconditions (dependencies) so that process steps do not have to be started based on a fixed time. For many SAP financial transactions, templates (content) are provided for automatically starting, checking for errors and querying the status, so you can easily model your financial process in the Process Cockpit. If errors or delays occur during processing or if a user has to execute a step manually, the application can inform the responsible person via task or mail. This has enabled our customers to complete the process in half the time, partly because standard transactions simply run at night.

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For all SAP users as well as SAP consultants who want to process tasks efficiently.

The following system requirements are necessary for the use of all SAP UI5 functionalities:


With limited functionality, the Process Cockpit can also run in a SAP EHP8 system + FES2020, among others.

The Process Cockpit is an SAP add-on for S4HANA ON PREMISE systems in the COMPIRICUS namespace, which provides COMPIRICUS as a normal transport.


The Process Cockpit is used by global insurance companies, for example, to handle the closing processes in SAP FAM/TRM efficiently.


The current status of all process steps as well as the overall process are clearly displayed. The process flows are documented and are available for auditing, among other things.

Time saving

Easy automation of SAP programs as well as evaluation of results even at night. Simple automation as well as parallel processing of SAP programs, even during the night, enables large time gains.

Quality improvement

Easily add checks to processes, which are then automated as a process step on each key date.

Process optimization

The process knowledge, e.g. about delayed steps, can be retrieved as reporting so that processes can be optimized.


The user is guided through the process and no longer has to start SAP transactions manually, but can focus on errors and checks.

User acceptance

Modern SAP UI5 app that makes it easier for users to process their tasks.


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