Treasury and Risk Management with SAP

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As an implementation and development partner of SAP, we were involved in the co-development of the SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) module as early as 1992: We have therefore known the program since the “1st line of code”. Since then, renowned customers worldwide have relied on our unique SAP Treasury and Risk Management expertise:

Agile implementation strategy

Why SAP Treasury and Risk Management?

Forecast cash flow accurately, manage liquidity, and mitigate risk. With the SAP Treasury and Risk Management application, you can integrate cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data, and streamline straight-through processing with full and real-time analytics, audit trails, and compliance reporting.

  • Integration with core data processes:

  • Advanced real-time analytics:

  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment

  • Comprehensive support for treasury workflows

At a glance – worth knowing

Hedge Management

From the preparation of exposures from different sources, to the creation of hedges at the micro or macro level, to hedge accounting, taking into account the accounting requirements for the reversal of OCI, you have your solution here.

Trade Financing

Whether it is the mapping of the guarantee business or the mapping of accretives with SAP TRM, we can support you with an automated mapping.

Present value calculation

With SAP TRM, we can determine the market value of a financial instrument based on interest rate curves volatilities using financial mathematical methods.

Automated process

Both in market data supply and in payment processing and trading, we support you in automating and thus facilitating the daily process.

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