FinStabDEV Readiness Check and Reporting Solution

About time to make data, processes and SAP fit for FinStabDEV.

Even if it is still a little while until the first report according to the new regulation at the beginning of 2023; as is well known, good things take time. We therefore recommend that you do not postpone the start of your FinStabDEV project any longer. Your system must be ready for FinStabDEV by 01.01.2023 at the latest in order to be able to hold the required new business data from day one. As an SAP development partner with TRM as well as CML/CMS long-term expertise, we are your first point of contact for the topic of reporting in general and FinStabDEV in particular. Our product solution not only fulfills the requirements of the reduced reporting scope, but also those of the full reporting as well as the associated retroactive data collection. We would be happy to assist you in creating a custom-fit solution for this complex challenge.

Achieve highest quality with minimal effort

The COMPIRICUS FinStabDEV software solution interacts with your SAP CML/CMS system. This allows you to generate traceable and error-free reports with a minimum of manual effort.

Highly convenient and customizable

The solution is already delivered with an extensive pre-configuration, which can be customized and extended via a variety of functions.

At a glance – Worth knowing

The Financial Stability Data Collection Regulation is a new reporting requirement under the financial stability laws and provides the necessary basis for data collection on residential mortgages. Its purpose is to identify and monitor threats to financial stability.

FinStabDEV Readyness Check

In the first step, we check together with you whether the required data is available in your systems to the required extent and in sufficient quality. If gaps are identified in this process, we jointly determine how to close them by creating opportunities to collect the missing data, if necessary.

Customized solution for your SAP CML/CMS

The use of a complementary software solution that interacts with your SAP CML/CMS system ensures that comprehensible and error-free messages can be generated with a minimum of manual effort. COMPIRICUS has already completed the technical analysis for the implementation of a reporting solution. Please contact us if you would like further information.

The COMPIRICUS solution starts where you keep your relevant data: in the CML and CMS modules. It knows the reporting requirements of all 53 reporting forms and accesses the relevant data pools for each reporting-relevant issue in a targeted manner. It enables all process steps from the first read accesses to the visually prepared reporting forms to the creation of an overall report in the required XML format with subsequent processing of the associated feedback from the Deutsche Bundesbank.

When it comes to the fulfillment of reporting obligations with SAP, you are in the very best hands with COMPIRICUS. We have many years of expertise in the SAP Treasury and CML/CMS modules. We have been a reliable and loyal partner to our customers in the financial services sector for around two decades. So we are deeply familiar with your wishes and needs and have created or can create the right solution for every challenge.
In addition, we were involved in the professional and technical discussions with the Central Bank of Germany, so that we have profound FinStabDEV know-how.

We are happy to share this knowledge with you now and accompany you when it comes to making data, processes, and your SAP CML/CMS fit for FinStabDEV. With COMPIRICUS at your side, your FinStabDEV project will certainly succeed in such a way that

  • you can meet your reporting requirements on time and in accordance with the specifications,
  • you can continue to focus your resources on the important tasks of day-to-day business,
  • the process and system adaptation is stress-free, relaxed and professional for you.
Commercial credit providers that finance private residential real estate. This means that not only credit institutions but also, among others, insurance companies, pension funds and capital management companies domiciled in Germany are subject to reporting requirements.

For loan information, the SAP CML module is basically accessed. Due to the extensive information requirements, the fully comprehensive solution also expects the collateral information to be stored in SAP’s own collateral management CMS.

If, on the other hand, CML is also used for this purpose, only the reduced scope of reporting can be fulfilled. However, this requires extensions to the data model.

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The COMPIRICUS solution is provided in the form of transport requests. These contain both the necessary programming and an initial configuration via customizing.

For the latter, an import into a delivery client is recommended, from which specific entries are then transferred to the target client. However, it is also possible to upload the solution components into your own system landscape.

Due to its proximity to the SAP modules CML and CMS, the solution is aimed at SAP users from the banking and insurance sectors.

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