FinStabDEV Readiness Check and Reporting Solution

About time to make data, processes and SAP fit for FinStabDEV.

Since 01.01.2023, lenders must be able to report for FinStabDEV if the new lending business exceeds a certain volume. As interest rates on loans are expected to fall again, your company could also be required to report in the future. As an SAP development partner with TRM as well as CML/CMS long-term expertise, we are your first point of contact for the topic of reporting in general and FinStabDEV in particular. Our product solution not only fulfills the requirements of the reduced reporting scope, but also those of the full reporting as well as the associated retroactive data collection. We would be happy to assist you in creating a custom-fit solution for this complex challenge.

Achieve highest quality with minimal effort

The COMPIRICUS FinStabDEV software solution interacts with your SAP CML/CMS system. This allows you to generate traceable and error-free reports with a minimum of manual effort.

Highly convenient and customizable

The solution is already delivered with an extensive pre-configuration, which can be customized and extended via a variety of functions.