ISO 27001 certification: Integration of a professional IT (information technology) security management system

Düsseldorf, 08. February 2022

The security of information as well as the protection of data are becoming increasingly important. ISO 27001 is an international standard that can be used to implement information security for organizations.
The internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard defines the requirements for the production, introduction, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of a documented, comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS). It was developed in accordance with the globally recognized IT security standard to ensure the selection of appropriate security mechanisms to protect all of an organization’s information assets.

An ISO 27001 certification is documented evidence that an information security management system is compliant with the requirements of ISO 27001. By integrating a professional IT security management system, data protection and information security can be established holistically and reliably within the company. Certification is carried out by an independent and objective third party, making a certificate more credible than a declaration of conformity to the standard made by the company itself. Customers can thus be sure that the company guarantees sufficient IT security.

To obtain – and maintain – certification, companies must conduct internal audits. These are a good opportunity for ongoing self-monitoring. Potential for improvement can be identified from the audits, so that processes are continuously improved in terms of their information security. At the same time, a functioning and certified Information Security Management System allows weak points in information security to be identified at an early stage, thus minimizing risks.

We are pleased that COMPIRICUS has successfully completed the certification and can thus prove its competence in the field of IT security.