ESG & SAP: Sustainability Reporting
for Capital Investments

COMPIRICUS Service Package ESG consulting and customization of your SAP system landscape

We provide professional support for the implementation of ESG reporting requirements

The topic of sustainability has arrived in asset management – prepare your systems for the increasingly complex requirements of ESG reporting and adapt your system landscape according to your specifications and with our know-how.

Rely on our deep expertise, both in terms of the underlying financial products and their impact on ESG criteria, as well as in the fully integrated and future-proof adaptation of the SAP standard with the enhancements required for sustainability reporting.

At a glance – Worth knowing

We support you in implementing the reporting requirements in accordance with the “EVA” principle and answer the following questions with you, among others:


  • What data is needed for which asset classes?
  • How to deal with non-standard products (mortgage loans, possibly also ABS/MBS)?
  • At which system objects (partner, class, collateral, etc.) must the ESG data be stored?
  • Which data providers are available – market data providers (Bloomberg) or specialists (ISS)?


  • What mapping/assessment algorithms need to be implemented?
  • What validation steps or manual correction options should be considered?
  • How is ESG data weighted for aggregation?
  • Should an audit trail be established for the auditor?


  • Reporting directly from the SAP modules or from the solution, or passing the data to a data warehouse?
  • At what granularity must the data be prepared?
  • Is output in table form sufficient, or are certain formats required?

You want a solution for your investment portfolio that is fully integrated into your system landscape and also flexible with regard to future requirements from the ESG environment.

  • Many years of expert knowledge in the inventory management modules SAP TRM and CML/CMS
  • Deep knowledge in connecting data providers to your SAP system landscape
  • Access to further know-how and corresponding resources regarding SAP PaPM as a modeling tool for ESG data via our X1F partner company ADWEKO
  • Extension of your systems (if necessary) by our experienced developers

Use of “best practice” approaches due to broad contacts with insurance companies

We are a partner for the adaptation of SAP FAM systems in a group-wide project at an international insurance and reinsurance group.

In addition, we support our existing customers in designing their system extensions for sustainability reporting.

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