Accounting processes with SAP Treasury, Risk Management as well as SAP CML

More than 20 years of experience in SAP Treasury, SAP Financial Asset Management and SAP Consumer and Mortgage Loans

More than standard: Solutions for accounting processes and hedge accounting

COMPIRICUS offers comprehensive expertise in accounting processes in treasury and asset management. Our products and services support the posting of financial transactions on both the consolidation level in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP, and on the level of local GAAPs, such as HGB, Swiss FER, UVG, and PCG.

In addition, we are experts in the following financial matters:

  • Adaptation of accounting processes to reflect IFRS 9 standards and in compliance with the new US GAAP regulations
  • Implementation of hedge accounting for various hedging relationships (e.g., cash flow and fair value hedge, creation of valuation units in accordance with the German GAAP (HGB)) as defined by the current accounting standards
  • Implementation of fund consolidation in accordance with IAS 27 and FAS 94
  • Implementation of industry-specific requirements, e.g., in accordance with IAS 20
  • Creation and derivation of required additional account assignments for conso­li­dation and/or controlling

The SAP FSCM TRM module and the CML loans module are directly connected to the parallel SAP ledgers, in particular FI new GL. For each ledger or SAP TRM valuation area, asset positions can be listed independent of one another according to different portfolio and valuation rules. The extensive SAP TRM standard functions can be expanded or supplemented by the implementation of Business Add-Ins (BAdIs). COMPIRICUS possesses the up-to-date expertise needed to provide support in this area.

SAP offers a variety of approaches for hedge accounting. One approach makes it possible to show exposures to be hedged and directly link them with the appropriate hedging instrument. The effectiveness of the displayed hedge relationships can be tested and the required hedge accounting posting functions are made available. This flexible approach makes it possible to view a wide variety of exposures, meeting the needs of corporate customers. Another approach is available for the finance and insurance sectors; financial transactions or portfolios to be hedged are directly linked with hedging instruments. New regulations and options for hedge accounting developed as a result of IFRS 9 and US GAAP (in part) means there will be new requirements that require new solutions.

COMPIRICUS can help you design and implement a solution that meets your accounting requirements, including hedge accounting - a solution tailored to your particular needs and required accounting standards. COMPIRICUS is able to create solutions that provide functions that go above and beyond those available in the SAP standard system.