COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML)

SAP App that runs complex financial processes automatically

More quality, more transparency, more speed: How SAP financial processes make a good mood

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM / FAM, CML) is a software solution for the automation of investment management and treasury processes such as

  • Annual, quarterly and monthly financial statements
  • End-of-day processing operations (controls, evaluations)
  • Insurance statutory reporting (SR-DE, SR-US etc.)

The frequently expressed wish of our customers for

  • transparent financial processes
  • superior process quality
  • time-saving processes

has inspired our innovation team to create a solution - true to our mission "Customized solutions that make everyday processes with SAP TRM/FAM, CML for asset, treasury and risk managers not only extremely efficient, but also comfortable".