NAIC Statutory Reporting with SAP FPSL

Your Stat Reporting Solution with FS-SR-US under FPSL Accounting System

COMPIRICUS FPSL Regulatory/Statutory Reporting

COMPIRICUS FPSL Regulatory/Statutory Reporting

SAP S/4HANA for Financial Products Subledger (FPSL) eases the accounting and risk management of high volume financial and insurance data. Banks, insurance and reinsurance companies can apply and flexibly configure provided standardized processes.


COMPIRICUS‘ FPSL Regulatory Reporting Package is installed as an add-on to FPSL that generates the schedules and exhibits for regulatory agencies based on accounting and risk-based information within the FPSL. Because of the Package’s design, no additional interfaces to FPSL are required. Reporting data can be directly processed via prepared views. Country-specific FPSL business content and enhancements are offered by COMPIRICUS; we also take care of the implementation and activation.

COMPIRICUS FPSL NAIC Insurance Regulatory Reporting – Country-Specific Content

In the US the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the standard setting and regulatory support organization for the insurance industry. COMPIRICUS offers with its NAIC Reporting a seamless FPSL Integration for investment and liability reporting. The software generates the reporting in the NAIC specified format and offers multiple interfaces, most importantly to the NAIC approved statement software packages.

Our services

  • Licensing, maintenance and enhancements for regulatory changes
  • Professional services from the requirement specification, implementation and go-live; project management and test support as well as ongoing operational support
  • Legacy data migration and test automation
  • Customer individual report creation
  • Implementation of customized reporting
  • Data modelling and mapping from external data sources
  • Operational support for the periodic reporting

COMPIRICUS offers extensive regulatory reporting experience, especially for US, Italy and Germany based on a cooperation agreement with SAP SE. Our professional team supports your implementation of the SAP FPSL based statutory reporting.


NAIC Insurance Reporting – Scope

Our software comprises the following reports:

  • Schedules D, DA, E, DB, BA, B

  • Summary Investment Schedule

  • Supplemental Investment Risks Interrogatories

  • Asset Valuation Reserve/Interest Maintenance Reserve

  • Risk-Based-Capital (RBC) Reports

  • Investment Exhibits

  • Investment Footnotes und Supplemental Reports

  • Schedules F, H, P, S, T, Y (currently under development)

Additionally, the following processes are supported by our software package:

  • Interface to AVS+ (Automated Valuation Service)

  • Interfaces to statement software provider and NAIC

  • NAIC Designation Process

  • Various reconciliation programs for master data, key figures and designations

  • PDF and Excel output options

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Within the framework of the development cooperation with SAP, the following country solutions are already in productive use:

Statutory Reporting Germany

Consulting, implementation, customizing and add-ons around the SAP reporting module for insurance companies

Statutory Reporting Austria

SAP Module Implementation & Maintenance Statutory Reporting Category Derivation Tool

Statutory Reporting Italy

FS-SR-IT Solution (FAM) Development & Maintenance

Statutory Reporting US
FAM based solution

FS-SR-US - our solution for your NAIC statutory reporting

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