Payment transactions with SAP Advanced Payment Management (SAP APM) – Extended payment management

Cash Management und Zahlungs-
verkehr mit SAP

Consultation, implementation, customization and customer-specific developments around the SAP payment module.

Payment transactions can be this uncomplicated: How to centralize your processes company-wide and automate workflows end-to-end..

SAP Advanced Payment Management (APM), also known as Extended Payment Management, helps you manage your payment processes efficiently. All of your company’s financial and payment transactions are centralized in the SAP Payment Factory (in-house bank). This enables you to adequately handle an increasing number of payments flows and the corresponding volume of documents. We will be happy to help you with all questions regarding your payment management with SAP:

In-House Banking

A core component of SAP Advanced Payment Management is in-house banking, where a company’s headquarters acts as an internal bank that can manage and process payment orders from its subsidiaries. As a result, payments can be routed to affiliated in-house banks using APM.

SAP Multi Bank Connectivity

For efficient processing of payment transactions, SAP Advanced Payment Management can be connected to various bank communication systems, such as the SAP Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC) solution. SAP Advanced Payment Management thus offers a modern and scalable alternative to the classic SAP InHouse-Cash (IHC), which can be operated locally or from the cloud. To avoid system disruptions, SAP Advanced Payment Management integrates seamlessly with proven SAP components such as SAP In-House Cash, SAP Multi Bank Connectivity and extended Cash Management under S/4HANA.

Solution Highlights SAP Advanced Payment Management

Consolidation of payment flows

In-House Banking enables the consolidation of payment flows from different subsidiaries or branches of a company. This facilitates the monitoring and control of payment flows at the group level.

Flexible payment format handling

This includes the interpretation and conversion of multiple formats (e.g., MT101, ISO20022) of payment data carriers into a standardized internal meta-format. This allows data from different sources to be harmonized and processed efficiently.

Integration of payment transaction systems

SAP-In-House-Banking enables the integration of various payment transaction systems, such as electronic payment methods, SWIFT or other bank communication systems like SAP Multi Bank Connectivity (MBC).

Internal cash pooling

Various cash pooling scenarios including limit checking of in-house bank accounts can be mapped via the in-house bank.

Monitoring and control functions

Information on payment orders can be viewed throughout the entire process. Potential irregularities can be detected via the semi-automated exception management system.

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