COMPIRICUS Treasury Data Hub for SAP TRM

App for automatic SAP Treasury data distribution in other SAP systems of your company

This means you can supply all SAP systems effortlessly and cost-effectively with current market, master and transaction data from your "Golden Client"


As the person responsible for the treasury system in your company, would you like to transfer treasury data such as market, master or transaction data to another system or other clients? Perhaps you already have an S/4HANA Treasury Greenfield system that you would also like to provide with the latest data? Do you want to be selective about data distribution and only take current data into account? Do you also want to replace manual work with an automated process, not least because of the high sensitivity to errors?

Quality-assured data across all systems

With our app ‘COMPIRICUS Treasury Data Hub for SAP TRM’ you can transfer treasury data automatically between various SAP systems and thus supply test, sandbox and other productive systems with quality-assured data. The app relieves you of:

  • Updating of multiple systems / clients;
  • Mapping values, for example to map value changes in the target system;
  • Monitoring data transfer including error logs and repetition options;
  • The structure and updating of Sandbox systems so as to have access to data which is always realistic and current for projects 

Also supply your new SAP S/4HANA Treasury Greenfield system

In addition, the COMPIRICUS Treasury Data Hub for SAP TRM enables you to automatically migrate master, market and transaction data from your old SAP systems into your new S/4HANA Greenfield system. You determine the relevance of the data to be transferred yourself and decide the scope of the data which should be included in the new system landscape.

Workflow COMPIRICUS Treasury Data Hub for SAP TRM

Crucial benefits for you

With the COMPIRICUS Treasury Data Hub for SAP TRM you enjoy decisive benefits for your data management:

  • You ensure the high quality and currency of your database across all systems because there is only a single point of truth.
  • You save a lot of time because data transfer to the target systems is fully automated .
  • You can significantly reduce your costs because there is no need for time-consuming manual processes.

System requirements

SAP Treasury ERP System


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