COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML)

SAP App that runs complex financial processes automatically

More quality, more transparency, more speed: How SAP financial processes make a good mood

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) is a software solution for automating SAP processes such as the following financial processes:

  • Annual, quarterly and monthly financial statements
  • End-of-day processing operations (controls, evaluations)
  • Insurance statutory reporting (SR-DE, SR-US etc.)

The frequently expressed wish of our customers for

  • transparent financial processes
  • superior process quality
  • time-saving processes

has inspired our innovation team to create a solution - true to our mission "Customized solutions that make everyday life with SAP TRM/FAM, CML for asset, treasury and risk managers not only extremely efficient, but also comfortable".

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COMPIRICUS Webinar “Process Cockpit“

Recorded March 31, 2022


Our solution

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) is a modern UI5 app for automating complex SAP processes. As a user, you gain comprehensive transparency about the status quo of your process, benefit from high quality improvements through automatic checks, and can look forward to noticeable gains in valuable working time thanks to accelerated and parallelized processes. By the way, the user interface has a state-of-the-art design; so process management with SAP can be really fun!

Example: US NAIC Reporting controlled with the COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit

Solution Highlights

More transparency in your SAP finance processes

Financial processes are becoming increasingly complex. For example, the annual financial statements of an insurance company can comprise more than 50 process steps that are executed by different departments, people and applications. With such complexity, determining the current overall status can certainly become a challenge due to a lack of transparency. The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit provides a remedy:

Using the initial screen and the management view, you can see the overall status of all current SAP financial processes. With a few mouse clicks, you can analyze a problem and navigate directly to the relevant transaction via SAP WebGUI. For each individual financial process step, you can display the status and open items. You can even retrieve past processes.

Home screen COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM, FAM, CML)

Quality improvement of your SAP financial processes

New automatic or manual checks can be easily integrated into your SAP process. The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) provides interfaces for the transfer of external data such as the status of delivery systems, etc.

Reach your goal faster by automating your SAP financial processes

Robotic solutions and thus the automation of standard processes in SAP (TRM/FAM, CML) is a much cherished wish these days. In the SAP Treasury module, however, many financial process steps still have to be performed manually, such as quality checks (control of planned records using TPM13).

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) can automatically start several financial process steps like checks or standard transactions. It automatically checks preconditions and dependencies so that process steps do not have to start based on a fixed time. For many SAP financial transactions, templates are provided for automatic start, check for errors and status query, so that you can easily model them to your financial process in the Process Cockpit. If errors or delays occur, or if a user has to perform a step manually, the application can inform the person responsible, for example, by mail. This increases the pass-through tempo; the user saves time.

Before/ After Example Calculation on Time Savings through SAP Automation

Technical information

  • Technology
    Modern SAP financial application based on ABAP + UI5 incl. use of SAP WebGUI
  • System requirement
    From SAP ERP EHP8 and UI5 version 2.0 or higher
  • Deployment Option
    On-premise on the local SAP system

Your advantages at a glance

  • Modern SAP UI5 app with appealing user interface for editing SAP processes (commenting, changing status, etc.)
  • Create transparency for all users and the management through clear presentation of SAP processes (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) and automatic update of status information e.g. for completion, reporting, day-end processing process, etc.
  • Improvement of process quality through automatic control steps, e.g. checking for plan records
  • Acceleration of processes through higher automation and parallelization of SAP process steps
  • Control of different SAP processes with one application
  • New or changed SAP processes can be easily adapted
  • Easily find and analyze problems and delays in SAP processes
  • Extrapolation of process end times, e.g. by using statistical data
  • Users see their tasks and are informed in real time

Our supplementary offer for your SAP financial landscape

The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP (TRM/FAM, CML, etc.) is just one offer from our Porfolio:

For more than 20 years, the COMPIRICUS Group team has successfully supported well-known companies in the conception, implementation and customizing of Asset, Treasury and Risk Management with SAP. Our customers include DAX-listed financial services and industrial companies in a wide range of industries. Use this experience to your advantage for financial process management with SAP.

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