COMPIRICUS Master Data Derivation Tool for SAP FS-SR-AT

Add-on for the fully automatic generation and verification of your securities reporting master data

Thanks to the automated derivation of reporting master data, FMA reporting for Austrian insurance companies is quick and easy

The COMPIRICUS master data derivation tool for SAP FS-SR-AT is a software solution that enables insurance companies in Austria to generate and check their securities reporting master data automatically. As a user of the add-on, you benefit in three ways:

  • You reduce the maintenance effort significantly.
  • You have error-free data.
  • You gain precious time.


For DUEVA 26.0 reporting to the Financial Market Authority (FMA), master data for reporting must be maintained for the securities account position indicator. Currently you have to maintain this data manually. You can predefine it for each product type using a default value. It is not possible to derive the reporting indicators completely in the standard SAP system.


COMPIRICUS has defined a derivation rule based on the SAP tool KEDR for a fully automated derivation of indicators. This enables the relevant reporting master data to be derived for the position indicator. The specific derivation rules are maintained and transported in relation to each customer's specific situation.

In addition to the derivations, a program is provided which checks all securities for the stored derivation with regard to their indicators. This enables you to check the consistency of the indicators already defined.


After the implementation of the COMPIRICUS master data derivation tool for SAP FS-SR-AT, the automatic derivation or preassignment of reporting indicators is carried out within the following processes:

  • Automatic creation of the stock indicators: When the position indicator is created automatically - when a financial transaction is created - the reporting master data is derived automatically.
  • Manual creation of the stock indicator: If the position indicator is created manually, the reporting master data is entered manually. When you call up the regulatory reporting master data, the indicators are preset using the derivation and can be changed if necessary.
  • Manual creation of regulatory reporting master data using transaction ISSR_TA_ADMIN: The reporting master data is predefined using the derivation and can be changed if necessary.

Your Benefits

With the help of the COMPIRICUS derivation rules and regulations, reporting master data can be derived automatically. This reduces both the manual effort and the likelihood of error in your data; you can be sure of consistent data. At the same time, you can look forward to an increase in valuable working time, because the COMPIRICUS master data derivation tool relieves you of tedious maintenance work.

As part of the development cooperation with SAP, the following country solutions are already in productive use: