Solvency II with SAP

Solution for your reporting in-line with Solvency II-Pillar 3 (EIOPA)

Fully automated reporting with intelligent data management for insurance companies

Representation of the EIOPA requirements

Are you required to comply with the reporting requirements of the EIOPA in asset management, or does your existing reporting system need the relevant master data to be supplied for your assets? Are quantitative reports particularly important to you?

Would you like to make sure that the Solvency II Directives, particularly the ever changing and ever increasing specifications, are met so that you can focus on your core business again?

User friendly – a familiar “look and feel”

Do you already use the SAP system successfully to maintain and monitor your master data and don’t want to leave your familiar system environment?

Central master data management

Are your assets kept in different systems and you would like a central and consistent solution for master data required by Solvency II?

Efficient data management

Are you looking for a fast and efficient solution that can offer you more than manual data collection?

Our Solution

Integrated into SAP TRM

We provide a powerful and convenient facility to complement your SAP TRM system with Solvency II reporting. The master data for your assets, which is required for reports, can be maintained and managed in your usual environment in SAP TRM.

Integration tool included

Our solution supports both the manual collection of master data and a completely automated integration for mass data collection.

Interfaces to master data suppliers

Our add-on also includes the automatic transfer of master data from Bloomberg™ and Reuters™ market information systems into your SAP system.

Our Financial Adapter™, which has been proven worldwide, enables a fully automated import of Solvency II master data.

Your Benefits

Save resources

Maintaining the master data for your assets in different systems is often associated with a lot of effort and expense. Our system allows you to manage the master data for your assets in one system - in SAP TRM.

Full automation

Our integration program enables you to collect the master data required for Solvency II reporting in your SAP TRM system in just a few clicks. Reading in the information from Bloomberg or Reuters queries using the Financial Adapter™ is just as easy.

Greater transparency

Regulatory bodies pose high demands on data quality and consistency and consequently on the transparency of reporting. With the help of change documents and logs we facilitate the complete documentation of all entries and changes.

The advantage of experience

Take advantage of our know-how! As a SAP SE development partner for insurance supervision statutory reporting of assets we have in-depth knowledge in providing the necessary data and in the required interfaces.

As a result, our team has already implemented numerous reporting solutions for prominent insurance companies both in Europe and overseas.