Financial Service Statutory Reporting in Spain with SAP TRM / FAM

Solution for your Spanish DGS insurance reporting with SAP FS-SR-ES

Meeting reporting requirements of supervisory authorities in Spain as effectively as possible

In Spain, insurance companies have to report their financial assets and financial liabilities to the supervisory authority, Direccion General de Seguros (DGS). The authority is also known as Dirección General de Seguros y Pensiones (DGSFP). DGS is an authority that monitors and regulates Spanish insurance companies and pension funds. It is authorized to regulate companies and give instructions for this purpose, thereby guaranteeing proper business operations in compliance with current legislation.

Our Offer

COMPIRICUS FS-SR-ES – DGS Reporting helps you create monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports for the Spanish supervisory authority, DGS. The solution is the COMPIRICUS add-on, FS-SR-ES, based on the SAP platform for insurance reporting, FS-SR. The software creates reports in the format required by DGS, offering numerous interfaces.

FS-SR-ES is integrated in the architecture of SAP Financial Asset Management (FAM) and in the SAP support process through the service marketplace.


Our software creates the following reports:

  • Modelo 8
  • Articulo 53
  • Pension funds (Fondos de Pensiones)
  • Articulo 72

Reporting supports all processes related to the following:

  • Covering of technical provisions
  • Interfaces to the authorities (DGS) in .CSV format for Access
  • Report creation and simulation
  • Report archiving


The COMPIRICUS team specializes in asset management and DGS reporting. The reporting solution is integrated into your system environment and customized to meet your individual requirements. DGS legal changes are delivered by COMPIRICUS as regular product content updates.

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