Market and Risk Assessment Solutions for SAP TRM and SAP FAM

Various analytical business operation solutions

SAP Treasury and Financial Asset Management Solutions that seamlessly fit into your processes and procedures

As part of market and risk assessment, COMPIRICUS offers various analytical busi­ness operation solutions for banking and insurance companies, corporate enter­prises as well as for public sector.

  • Using historical market data, it is possible to examine, for example, the implications of changes in exchange rates or interest rates on various aggregation levels.
  • Market data scenarios, business prognoses and their effects on important corporate performance figures enable to identify opportunities and risks early, so risk managers can develop the appropriate strategy.
  • Along with NPV analyses, value-at-risk analyses belong to the fundamental instru­­ments in risk management.
  • Return figures and performance indicators are provided and can be compared to benchmarks, making investment performance measurable.
  • Default risks are monitored to help to be compliant with external and internal policies.
  • COMPIRICUS develops solutions for mapping complex customer requirements on a regular basis - solutions that seamlessly fit into existing processes and procedures.

Analysis results can be prepared to various degrees of detail.

  • Key figure databases
  • Customized ad-hoc reports
  • Management reporting