Trade Accelerator

The Smart Portfolio Management System powered by SAP HANA

Perform over the Top with Real-Time Portfolio-Management

Portfolio Growth

You are striving to realize your growth ambitions within your Investment Portfolios while mitigating and reducing costs at the same time?

Competetive Edge

You are seeking for a high degree of automation in the execution of your investment strategies to gain a competitive advantage?

Compliance Guaranty

You want to ensure that your Portfolio Management system meets current and future regulatory requirements and provide extended compliance coverage and risk analytics to avoid the consequences of compliance breaches?

Saving of Costs

You want a Portfolio Management system that individually preselects from a broad range of available financial investments based on advanced stockpicking algorithm but at the same time reduces transaction costs?




COMPIRICUS’ Trade Accelerator provides an all-in-one Portfolio Management solution powered by the revolutionary In-Memory database technology SAP HANA to effortlessly perform complex analyses and simulations on your Investment Portfolios.

Maximum Degree of Automation

The solution includes a highly automated Trade and Order Execution with pre-trade validations, blocktrade capabilities and real-time connection to the widely used bank communication standards SWIFT and FIX.

Compliance Checks

Also included is an integrated module to check on corporate and regulatory compliance rules such as UCITS IV, MiFID, AIFM, KYC and FACTA as well as a holistic Management of our Investment Portfolios with dynamic performance analysis against multiple benchmarks and advanced stock-picking algorithms.

Designed for PC, Laptop and mobile Devices

The end user is provided with an internet browserbased frontend including dashboard capabilities that works on laptops as well as on tablets and other mobile devices while allowing a fully flexible customization of reports and displayed information. 

Your Benefits

Real-Time access to markets

With the Trade Accelerator you are able to achieve your growth ambitions by leveraging ubiquitous access to market information and real-time trading thru SWIFT and FIX combined with embedded preand post-trade compliance checks and block trade capabilities.

Fast and Cost-efficient

Real-time portfolio simulation and rebalancing engines provide the possibilities to execute your investment strategies in a timely and cost-efficient manner to let gain advantages over your competitors.

Automated Monitoring

The integrated Compliance module continuously checks trading activities across Portfolios to prevent compliance breaches at their roots in pursuit to avoid the costly consequences for your business.

Optimized Investment Strategy

Innovative algorithm parameterized with the latest market information will support you in determining the most advantageous investment for your  strategy while increasing transparency in the associated costs.

Advance of Experience

The COMPIRICUS team has more than two decades of experience in the area of Financial Asset Management with SAP, with a specialized focus on Portfolio Management processes and requirements. Furthermore we are SAP Application Development Partner for HANA.

Your Options

The Trade Accelerator is delivered in various options to meet your individual requirements:

On-Premise or Cloud Service

It can be licensed as individual on-premise installation or as all-inclusive cloud service.

Suite or Side Car

It can either be put on top of a SAP ECC Suite or used as Side-Car instance to your current Back-Office solution.

One-Off or Leasing

It can be acquired as full licensed software product or conveniently leased over an individual period of time.