COMPIRICUS Funds Order Management Solution „COMFORMS“

SAP TRM add-on for unit-linked insurance portfolios (ULIP/RSPs) – automates both trading and administration

Your tool to automate your Unit Linked Portfolio Management comprehensively - in a resource-saving, cost-reducing and audit-proof manner

Is handling orders efficiently a challenge in your unit-linked portfolio environment?

You are in charge of the trading order management system at an insurance company and would like to both trade and administer the holdings of your unit-linked (life insurance and retirement savings) products efficiently using SAP TRM. You want to replace manual data entry with a more highly automated process not only because of the high level of error sensitivity but principally because of the toll it takes on your organization in terms of both time and expense.

Reduce manual processes to a minimum

Discrepancies between target and actual portfolio holdings can be automatically corrected through buying or selling additional holdings followed by settlement, all with minimal effort for you and your staff.

Unit-linked life insurance / retirement savings funds in SAP TRM

Our solution for SAP TRM COMPIRICUS Funds Order Management Solution

The SAP TRM add-on for insurance enables you to integrate your order process into the SAP-TRM standard. That means effectively automating such actions as:


  • importing master data and target positions
  • separating between investment stock and disposition stock
  • processing and monitoring buffer values
  • transaction generation for purchases/sales as well as transfers in SAP TRM


Solution highlights at a glance

  • Consideration of buffer values
    Automatic calculation of buffer values by an individually determined formula e.g. based on target inventory minus actual inventory.

  • Flexible connection between trading partners
    Automated information exchange with trading partners via the respective communication channel (fax, email, SWIFT format).

  • The required transfers are automated
    An additional function is the separation between the insurer’s fund balance and that of the customer (policyholder), with automated transfers between various accounts.

  • Importing data made easy
    It is also possible to import fund unit target data from an external system or data supplier for further use in the order process.

  • Order documentation
    The COMIRICUS solution is able to trace all data from the order process ex-post: You obtain transparency over who entered an order or account transfer, when and for what volume or amount.

  • Automated comparison of target vs. actual
    The COMPIRICUS Funds Order Management Solution automatically carries out a target vs. actual comparison of your fund portfolio. Depending on the outcome, the requisite buy/sell orders and transfers are calculated for the fund positions and executed through corresponding transactions. This automation feature provides you and your staff the freedom to concentrate on your core business.

  • Automated correspondence feature
    In addition, the add-on automatically generates the relevant correspondence based on the securities transactions executed. Where feasible, direct communication lines can be established with custody banks, central trading partners and asset management companies, saving you additional time and effort.

Your benefits from using the COMPIRICUS Funds Order Management Solution

  • Simplified compliance with corporate guidelines (e.g. buffer levels)
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Raising the level of automation
  • Reduction of error sensitivity
  • Reduction of manual processing volumes
  • Reduction of workload for your staff
  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased efficiency and margins
  • You and your staff can fully dedicate yourselves to your core business.

For more than 20 years, our team at the COMPIRICUS Group has been successfully supporting leading companies by offering design, implementation and customization services in Asset, Treasury and Risk Management. Our customers include DAX-listed financial services companies as well as industrial companies in various (sub)sectors.

Use our experience to your advantage in trading and managing your unit-linked portfolios.

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