Liquidity planning with SAP TRM / FAM

Up-to-date, efficient liquidity planning for financial services providers and corporates

Cash flow management made easy

Any risk management process is based on the identification of the exposures which need to be managed. These exposures are derived directly from a cash-flow-oriented planning process, i.e. liquidity planning.

COMPIRICUS supports companies from the financial services industry and from other industries in implementing an up-to-date and efficient liquidity planning. Its approach is based on the following guiding principles:


  • Identify all planning sources (investment management, business operations, underwriting, other cash flows)
  • Derive cash flows where they cannot be directly utilized (e.g. underwriting)


  • Determine planning parameters (horizons, frequencies, time slices)
  • Analysis and implementation of stochastic methods for modelling target figures
  • Initiate an ongoing comparison between budget and actual figures or back-test of the target figures


  • Draft and agree the liquidity planning process
  • Document the planning process preparing guidelines and instruction
  • Communicate the process within the company

System support

  • Check the existing system landscape and existing planning tools
  • Define a target landscape and provide support in system selection, if required
  • Implement a modern Business Warehouse (BW) system solution (e.g. SAP BPC) or appropriate enhancements including any interfaces required

With our support based on these principles, you will have a complete overview of the significant payment flows within your company. With an easy-to-use system, you can display these payment flows at any time in different parameterizations and use these as the basis of your risk management: