Cash Reconciliation Cockpit for SAP FAM / SAP TRM

All-in-one solution for the reconciliation process with TRM/FI modules

Save costs and increase efficiency through automation

Is your company spending a large amount of time and effort on cash reconciliation for business activities? Is your company still struggling to reduce manual input and needs to improve the productivity of reconciliation processes between your TRM/FI modules?

Our solution

We have developed an easy-to-use tool for your reconciliation tasks. Our Cash Reconciliation Cockpit can drastically reduce the amount of work required in financial asset management as well as the reconciliation of treasury and risk management against the cash records file.

Effortless process monitoring

All posting and clearing records can be displayed via the Cash Reconciliation Cockpit. It provides business users with a better mechanism for monitoring unpaid and over/short paid FAM/FI documents.

This tool also offers an easy way of clearing cash records against FAM/TRM postings for items with matching and non-matching amounts.

Multi-currency postings and transaction management are both supported.

The Cash Reconciliation Cockpit is an enhanced alternative option to EBS functionalities or manual processes for clearing/posting open items via standard SAP codes.

Manual intervention is virtually no longer required during reconciliation. The Cash Reconciliation Cockpit can handle both open and cleared item reconciliation processes.

Your benefits

Increase in efficiency through automation

This tool is an efficient cash reconciliation management system that automatically prepares, loads and reconciles payments within FAM/FI. The program posts all discrepancy amounts to the ledgers/general ledger. Your company’s staff no longer needs to manually intervene to derive adjustment postings.

Cost savings

Our Cash Cockpit Tool reduces and optimizes the use of your resources for monitoring and analyzing cash transactions and FAM/TRM postings. Instead, these can be used elsewhere. This tool eliminates the need for extra staff for reconciliation or manual posting.


COMPIRICUS Cash Reconciliation Cockpit offers your company a comprehensive solution with a modern user interface.

  • This tool provides you with all transaction data from cash and FAM/TRM postings.
  • Business users can run reports to display paid or reconciled transactions and monitor open items swiftly, simply and with minimum delay.
  • The cockpit allows users to match and clear open items.


This tool can be configured in accordance with your company’s requirements. The user-specific selection of work areas by company, security ID, transaction ID to post cash records and reconcile with FAM/TRM posting can be set up.

Flexible formats

Cash files can be formatted in accordance with your company’s requirements and loaded to SAP for reconciliation purposes.

Detailed tracking and reporting

The Cash Reconciliation Cockpit includes a tracking and reporting tool. This tool allows users to evaluate processes, cleared and unpaid items.

High quality

The Cash Reconciliation Cockpit enables your company to organize its cash reconciliation processes and prepares necessary reports for users.

Transparency and speed

The provision of all relevant information and data and the automation of standard and mass processes significantly improve the transparency and processing speed of your planning processes.

Business improvements

The integration of the Cash Reconciliation Tool helps your company to further optimize adherence to deadlines and its ability to reconcile payment processing.

Adaptable to your requirements

Your individual clearing processes as well as the preparation and evaluation of your payment advices can be expanded within the SAP development environment and customized in accordance with your company’s requirements.

These are a few examples that may be used for the customization of your requirements: ISIN, CUSIP, Trade Identifier, posting and transfer codes, etc.