Software Development in ABAP for the SAP Modules TRM / FAM / CML

Individual SAP Developments for Your Financial System Environment

Game over for manual treasury processes - More time for core business

COMPIRICUS offers numerous services for SAP software development. Our services are tailored to your individual needs and we offer individual development solutions that are not part of standard software solutions.

Our experience with the SAP TRM and SAP CML modules in particular, and their complex data modules and numerous programs goes back to the first lines of coding.

Furthermore, as an official SAP development partner, we actively participate in the speci­fi­cation, design, development, testing, and maintenance of SAP standard programs, in particular, the SAP TRM modules.

Our offer for you

If you require a program, interface, or complete application, our experienced team of project developers can offer support in the following services:

  • Project or sub-project management
  • Project planning including expenditure estimation
  • Creation of technical specifications
  • Solution design
  • Performance consulting
  • Solution implementation
  • Testing
  • Documentation and training
  • Go-live and maintenance
  • After go-live support

We offer consulting services for numerous SAP modules - SAP TRM/SAP FAM, SAP CML, SAP RE/SAP PS, SAP FI - and possess the necessary technological know-how to efficiently implement client requirements.

The following is an overview of projects we have successfully completed within the last years:

  • Design and implementation of a securities transaction monitoring solution for the automatic allocation of SWIFT transactions to individual securities accounts
  • Design and implementation of a two-way interface for transferring market data, master data, transaction data, position data, and P&L data between the SAP system and SimCorp Dimension
  • Design and implementation of a unit-linked life insurance solution that includes order demand determination and connection to the SAP correspondence monitor
  • Customer-individual solution for an international insurance company for hedge accounting based on SAP TRM
  • Specification of various software enhancements, e.g., for the French investment accounting of assets or the U.S.-American localization on behalf of SAP SE
  • Support in the continuous development and maintenance of the SAP insurance-related statutory reporting module, ISSR
  • Implementation of programs for legacy data migration and creation of a reporting system as part of portfolio management or investment accounting systems (in particular SAP TRM/SAP CML) implementation projects
  • Design and implementation of a central SAP TRM data reconciliation tool with external data suppliers (SimCorp Dimension, SAP CML, etc.), amongst other things for daily, fully automatic comparison of all master data, transaction, position and cashflow data

Our Success Stories