Management Consulting for Corporates as well as Insurance Companies

Methods and Processes with SAP

Capitalize on our know-how from over 20 years of Management consulting: customized process and system solutions

From the creation of feasibility and pre-studies to the evaluation of existing processes and system landscapes and through to the development of rough and detailed concepts - we help to take each step towards finding a comprehensive solution. The business require­ments serve as the basis of our work.

Financial Service Provider

Our team of consultants has a deep understanding of the processes in the insurance and investment industries and has provided consulting services for more than 20 years in all matters related to finance management.

The following topics are just a sample of our focus areas:

  • Extensive knowledge of all financial instruments of the various asset classes: securities, loans, real estate, as well as cash, derivatives, structures and fund trading regarding controlling, accounting, and reporting
  • Risk management and investment controlling
  • International accounting of investments (e.g., IFRS, US GAAP, French GAAP, Spanish GAAP)
  • Fund consolidation in accordance with IAS 27/FAS 94
  • International statutory reporting in the insurance industry
  • Company-wide investment reporting
  • Mapping of regulatory requirements, for example, derived from SOX, Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk), the German Corporate Control and Transparency Act (KonTraG), the German Accounting Law Modernization Act (BilMoG), Solvency II, or regulations of various supervisory authorities.


Treasury processes used by corporate enterprises differ in many fundamental ways from the processes used in the insurance and investment industries.

COMPIRICUS also supports the corporate industry with customized services, for example, those related to the following topics subject to the control circuit governing corporate treasury:

  • Creation of cash flow-based, rolling financial planning at the individual company level, business segment level, and group level
  • Derivation of exposures for monitoring risks: liquidity risks, foreign exchange rate risks, and interest rate risks, as well as counterparty risks and default risks
  • Definition and optimization of processes in cash management: creation of the actual calculation, quality improvements for internal and external cash flows
  • Definition of hedging strategies for liquidity, foreign exchange rate, and interest rate management, and the creation of recommendations for decision-making in the front office
  • Optimization of back office processes for concluded transactions
  • Management of transactions in accounting: posting of transactions, administration of internal and external treasury accounts
  • Implementation of hedge accounting processes in accordance with IFRS and lokal GAAPs (e.g. German HGB)
  • Creation of an recipient-oriented reporting system based on the requirements of the individual report recipients
  • Definition of benchmarks for measuring management results
  • Creation of a result calculation according to the different risk types to evaluate the success of management decisions
  • Creation of processes to ensure compliance with SOX requirements, the German Corporate Control and Transparency Act (KonTraG), or best practices of industry peers