Important Interfaces for SAP TRM / SAP FAM

More than 150 SAP interfaces have already been realized - three of the five largest European insurance companies have these interfaces in use

Connect internal and external Systems with SAP effortlessly

COMPIRICUS offers the following interfaces for the SAP TRM and CML modules:

  • Integration of front office and middle office systems, such as Allocare AMS, Bloomberg AIM, SimCorp Dimension and Technosis ATAQ
  • Interfaces to market and master data providers, such as Bloomberg, Reuters and VWD
  • Import of SWIFT messages (MT3**, MT5**) for electronic transactions and trade confirmations
  • Unit-linked life insurance solutions for demand determination, order generation, and import of the necessary master and transaction data
  • Complete integration of special fund data with numerous investment companies and custodian banks
  • Interfaces to database systems
  • Integration of the inventory Management System with national and European regulatory and Trade Repository (REGIS-TR, German Central Bank, German federal financial supervisory agency…)

As an official SAP Development Partner, COMPIRICUS has designed standard products on behalf of SAP in the integration environment and has provided consulting services for four of the five largest insurance companies in Europe regarding integration issues. Our standard solution, the Financial Adapter, is used by three of the five largest European insurance companies as a part of SAP TRM to help them meet the require­ments of modern investment processes and system integration.