SAP Bloomberg™ Interface: Load Bloomberg® market data (fx rates) to SAP

The perfect connection of Bloomberg per Security and SAP TRM as well as SAP FAM

Proven SAP Bloomberg interface for the provisioning of up-to-date market and master data to your SAP treasury landscape

Makes sure that your financial transactions meet the regulatory requirements

Up-to-date market and master data are key elements of modern asset management. This is required, for example, in order to meet the high demands of accounting and reporting regulations. The Bloomberg per Security - SAP interface, designed by COMPIRICUS, offers a proven solution that is used by many companies, including large international corporations.

Our project team designed this interface solution to meet the needs of many different market and master data scenarios: on the one hand, to meet the basic needs of creating and updating an SAP investment class (e.g., adjustment of a rating or condition) and on the other hand, to meet special requirements, such as importing data for Solvency II, statutory reporting, ABS redemption schedules, and call schedules. You can benefit from our experience and find a solution that is able to meet the needs of your complicated mapping requirements, such as an SAP product type that can be derived from up to 20 different Bloomberg fields and their values.

COMPIRICUS is official Bloomberg Integration Partner

The Challenge

Many companies face the challenge of supplying their SAP systems with up-to-date market data. The import process of current market data into SAP systems is not user­-friendly and must be carried out partly manually, which often leads to errors.

The Solution

With the SAP-Bloomberg market data interface, COMPIRICUS provides the reliable and fully automated provisioning of market data.

The interface is integrated in the software architecture of SAP TRM (SAP Treasury and Risk Management) and uses standard SAP services. It is integrated into your system environment and customized to meet your individual requirements.

The Functions

COMPIRICUS offers a fully automated solution to make market data available in SAP TRM and the industry packages SAP FAM, SAP IMA, and SAP ICO (and other modules as well). This interface ensures provisioning of the SAP systems with the following market data:

  • Security prices
  • Ratings
  • Indices
  • Reference interest rates and volatilities
  • Currency exchange rates

The interface manages the communication, i.e., the entire data exchange between Bloomberg Data License and the SAP system, while offering the following functions:

  • Various selection parameters for security and time zone-specific data queries
  • Execution online or as a batch
  • Message monitoring

Our Approach

The COMPIRICUS team offers you comprehensive expertise in matters related to SAP TRM/SAP FAM and Bloomberg Data License.

Our SAP-Bloomberg interface is easy to install and reliable. It provides the fully auto­mated market data provisioning for SAP systems.

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