SAP interfaces: The perfect connection of Bloomberg AIM® and SAP TRM / FAM

Online and fully automated transfer of transactions recorded in Bloomberg AIM to SAP

Transactions for security, FX rates, money market as well as stock exchange-traded and OTC derivative transactions

The Bloomberg AIM front office system is often used for entering transactions that should be transferred, for example, to the SAP TRM system. The Bloomberg AIM - SAP interface makes this possible online and fully automated so that a transaction is available in SAP TRM in seconds.

The Bloomberg AIM - SAP interface accounts for the differences of data logic between both systems (e.g., transforming the two transactions that Bloomberg AIM uses for mapping a swap into a single SAP swap transaction). Along with securities transactions, foreign exchange transactions and money market transactions, the current Bloomberg AIM - SAP interface can also handle numerous exchange-traded and OTC derivative transactions.

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