SAP interfaces: The perfect connection between BELLIN tm5 and SAP

For the module LMCash – TTGL – LMPlanning – ICBalances


Automated cash flow proof over the last 3 years for your planning base and orientation

You can use our Bellin Connector for LMPlanning to automatically draw your comparative data from the last 3 years to see deviation planning and future target planning from the historical paid operational supplier payments and customer receipts at the actual payment date.

In addition, you automatically receive your operational liquidity data from SAP every day in the tm5 for better liquidity planning.

If you want to use this opportunity for your BELLIN tm5 to better monitor, plan and control your liquidity and financing options, we offer you a suitable interface solution for SAP and tm5:

The BELLIN Connector Suite for SAP is such a solution with great benefits for low investment costs:

  • Outstanding and expected payments from SAP in real-time
  • Exclusion of double and multiple counting of the exposure
  • Manual effort is eliminated, you save time and money

Cost-efficient processing of multiple bookings by changing the reference interest rate to €str

Due to the change in the reference interest rate from EURIBOR term interest (e.g. 3-month EURIBOR) to €str, companies may receive many more transactions for interest rate derivatives and interest rate products. According to experts, the change can mean an increase in interest calculation flows from an interest payment (at the beginning of the quarter) to approximately 60 interest payments (over the entire quarter). In the worst case, this leads to more manual effort for you.

You can save this effort; because the COMPIRICUS SAP interface for BELLIN TTGL offers you a cost-efficient automated booking logic that automates the booking processes between your tm5 and SAP FI.

We would be happy to explain the functionality and advantages of the product to you:

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BELLIN Connector Suite

Do you use BELLIN tm5 for your treasury management, but SAP in other company departments? Do you want “straight-through processing” of data flows in the financial sector, so that tm5 can be seamlessly integrated in the respective SAP environment? Starting with the processing of posting data generated by tm5 for treasury transactions, the comparison between planned and actual figures in cash and liquidity planning as well as the taking over of intercompany positions from SAP to tm5. This places many demands on possible BELLIN – SAP interfaces.

In cooperation with BELLIN we have developed the following interfaces :
(Also individually available)

Connector for LMCash from SAP → BELLIN

  • Automatic extraction and provision of SAP cashflows
  • Automatic deletion / refreshing of overdue data in the LMCash module
  • Complete and partial loading of cashflows
  • Integration of SAP special general ledger transactions
  • Integration of SAP factoring information
  • Function for value date-based movement / expiration
  • Flexible ALV reporting / Excel download

Connector for TTGL from BELLIN → SAP

  • Currency-specific and cross-currency SAP posting logics
  • Ledger-specific generation of SAP postings
  • Counterparty-specific outsorting of the inventory and bank clearing accounts
  • Transfer of specific exchange rates in IC transactions
  • Generation of evaluation and settlement postings
  • Valuation class-specific bookings (IFRS)
  • Flexible booking control for trade date, posting date und value date
  • Generation of import and posting logs
  • Ledger-specific exclusion of postings
  • Function for generating tax postings
  • Flexible account assignment key
  • Flexibles ALV reporting / Excel download

Connector for LMPlanning from SAP → BELLIN

  • Automatic extraction and provision of future SAP cashflows
  • Historic analysis of the cashflow profile
  • Category-specific probabilities
  • Automatic deletion / refresh of overdue data in the LMPlanning module
  • Complete and partial loading of cashflows
  • Integration of SAP special general ledger transactions
  • Integration of SAP factoring information
  • Function for value date-based movement / expiration
  • Flexible ALV reporting / Excel download

Connector for IC Balances from SAP → BELLIN

  • Group-wide extraction and provision of IC receivables and IC liabilities
  • Unique payment flow identification from Group perspective
  • Multi-server capability (multiple SAP servers in the Group – for example Germany, USA, China)
  • Drill-down on individual receipts
  • Flexible ALV reporting / Excel download

Connectivity of the BELLIN Connector Suite

You can operate the BELLIN Conncetor Suite both in a classic SAP ERP environment and in a mobility-oriented S / 4HANA environment using FIORI apps. In a heterogeneous SAP environment with different release levels, the BELLIN Connector Suite can also be used across the board due to its upward and downward compatibility and can be expanded to meet customer requirements at any time to ensure connectivity.


Consulting Projects

TTGL_REMPOST – Automated postings from BELLIN TM5 for SAP systems in other countries and regions

Do you want to operate BELLIN tm5 exclusively in your central group treasury, but automatically post all treasury transactions and IC postings to the decentralized SAP systems of your group companies in other countries and regions? COMPIRICUS offers a cost-effective solution by expanding the TTGL connector, which saves you license and maintenance costs and enables a quick roll-out of a group-wide automated treasury accounting.

TTGL_HEDGEPOST - Automate bookings from BELLIN tm5 for your hedge accounting movements and reviews

Do you want to automatically generate your hedge accounting transactions from the monthly tm5 valuation reports from BELLIN tm5 and record the individual documents separately by cash flow hedge, fair value hedge as well as OCI, P&L and inventory transactions?

With the development of an individual booking tool tailored to your group, COMPIRICUS offers an efficient solution that enables reliable and time-saving processing.