SAP Interfaces: The perfect connection of 360T and SAP TRM/FAM

Fully automated import of 360T Transactions

360T is a leading European trade platform und auction portal for treasury business. On 360T a large number of transactions of different financial products such as MM, FX, FRA and IRS can be processed.

With the COMPIRICUS solution all 360T transaction data can be imported fully automated into SAP TRM / FAM.

The comfortable and integrated message monitor lets you control the import process of the transaction data in SAP. When failures occur the process can be easily analyzed and repeated.

Additionally, financial data about portfolios, traders, German GAAP & IFRS valuation classes and customer specific information can be derived automatically.

The solution provides the opportunity to transfer 360T Transactions into SAP TRM without any manual effort in order to value them according to different accounting standards for single companies or groups.

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