Loan Management with SAP CML (SAP Consumer and Mortgage Loans)

Take Full Advantage of 20 Years SAP Implementation Know-How

Your Customized System Environment for Loan Management with SAP CML

COMPIRICUS supports you in implementing the SAP Financial Asset Management (FAM) components

  • SAP Consumer and Mortgage Loans (SAP CML) and also
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management (SAP TRM).

With the integration of the loan management in the SAP Treasury the effects of the loans on the liquidity or the interest risk become immediately measurable. All-encompassing concepts such as the SAP Business Partner Management or the information system also guarantee a comprehensive view of the business relationships with your loan partner.

Comprehensive Loan Management 

SAP CML provides you with the possibility of comprehensive loan management with the following focal points

  • Mortgage loans
  • Bonded loans
  • Loans on policy
  • General loan (for managing other types of loans)
  • Consumer loans
  • Instalment loans

Our Offer

As SAP Implementation and Development Partner we know the Financial Asset Management components SAP CML and SAP TRM (Treasury and Risk Management) from the first “Line of Code” and for more than 20 years we have been successfully supporting renowned companies in conception, implementation and customizing.  

Use this experience to your advantage with the comprehensive imaging of all standard financial transactions, capital assets and financial transactions in SAP TRM and SAP CML 

  • Process definitions and process adaptations 
  • Integration with business transactions which have to be booked to several parallel accounting systems 
  • External and internal reporting, as well as integration with Data Warehouse solutions 
  • Migration and/or compiling of old and current data

Integration of Your Asset Management in Internal and External Process Chains

  • Integration of SAP TRM and SAP CML master and market data with upstream internal systems or to market data providers through direct connection, via adapters or SWIFT 
  • Integration of the SAP TRM and SAP CML business data from and to trading and/or correspondence systems: internal/Web/SWIFT network 
  • Support with the implementation of special solutions and client-specific adaptations to the evaluated requirements

Additional Offer

For completing your successful CML implementation we offer you the following solutions:

  • Integration with external address databases 
  • Connection of correspondence to document and archiving systems 
  • Migration support, not only for business partners, master data, securities and movements but also for reporting data.

Straight to the point – advantages of an SAP S/4 HANA CML System “by COMPIRICUS”:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your financial flows
  • Information in real time for rapid action and high transparency
  • Considerable increase in productivity through fully-automatic processes
  • High performance through an S/4 HANA in-memory database
  • Reduction of interfaces through seamless integration into your SAP environment

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