Success Story „VHV-Gruppe"

VHV Group connects SimCorp Dimension and SAP TRM with the help of the COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter®

"The COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter® reliably, and fully automatically, transfers our capital investments master data and operations from the front office system to the inventory management system. This provides us with a highly efficient process. We would like to express our thanks to COMPIRICUS for their professional and proficient collaboration."
(Carsten Böttcher, Back Office Manager at WAVE Management AG, a subsidiary of the VHV Group)


As asset manager of the VHV Group, WAVE Management AG had the task to introduce SimCorp Dimension as the front office system in asset management. Inventory management, reporting and bookkeeping were, however, to continue to be effected by SAP.


To prevent multiple data capture for both systems (different data models) an interface was required enabling fully automatic event-dependent data exchange which is, above all, in validated quality.


As a solution at the VHV Group COMPIRICUS has implemented its tried and tested interface product "COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter®". To this end, the widespread SimCorp data format was assessed and a mapping was created for SAP TRM. In cooperation with SimCorp, the various import and export interfaces required were created to ensure bidirectional data flow between the systems. Moreover, the data can be automatically adjusted and the required follow-up processes started.

Customer Benefits

  • Precise interface between SAP TRM and SimCorp Dimension
  • Guaranteed high data quality
  • Time and cost savings as the result of minimum expenditure for data capture
  • Event-controlled, fully automatic data exchange