Success Story „Statoil" (Statoil has changed name to Equinor)

Using the COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter®, Statoil combines SAP TRM with Bloomberg AIM

„We are very happy with COMPIRICUS, the Financial Adapter and its implementation, which was done in a very professional and routinely manner.“
(Timm Erbach, former Product Owner Treasury & Payments, Statoil ASA)

Starting Point

It is advisable to connect the front office system AIM to SAP TRM as soon as possible in order to transfer transactions of securities, currencies, money market, and OTC derivatives from Bloomberg AIM to the SAP TRM system.


When it comes to complex matters of integration, SAP-PI is missing an SAP TRM adapter to process Bloomberg AIM data and import them to the SAP TRM system. In addition to numerous assessments such as the decision “Creation or Amendment of Transaction,” data must be transformed because Bloomberg AIM delivers two transactions during, for example, SWAP while SAP TRM displays data as one transaction.

Implementation by COMPIRICUS

  • Use of the COMPIRICUS Financial Adapter® addressed in this SAP-PI instance.
  • Consequently, the use of the existing Bloomberg AIM export page, which was already fairly well developed at the time, could be continued.
  • The required SAP TRM logic could be correctly adapted.

Customer Benefits

  • Timely completion of project
  • Customized interface between SAP TRM and Bloomberg AIM
  • Time and costs saved through automation
  • Convenient troubleshooting with message monitor
  • Framework for realization of additional interfaces