Success Story „Hanse Merkur"

High Data Quality and Saved Time in BaFin Reporting Process for WP Transactions

“COMPIRICUS has implemented an add-on for the SAP reporting module FS-SR-DE that allows us to immediately generate and supervise every reporting feature in a fully automated way. It’s fantastic!”
(Kora John, HanseMerkur)

Starting Point

When creating securities transactions in SAP it is necessary to provide features required for supervisory reporting. HanseMerkur uses the SAP module FS-SR-DE for reporting. Up until now, master data has been manually generated for each position, a method that can be quite time-consuming and error-prone.


A tool was necessary that could detect — preferably fully automatically — reporting features using derivation tools based on master data deposited in SAP.


COMPIRICUS AG provides different add-ons for the creation of statutory notifications to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Board (BaFin). Derivation of master data is fully automatic, especially due to the FS-SR-DE add-ons, causing a decrease in manual effort for data maintenance. A consistent data base is guaranteed.

Customer Benefits

  • Automated detection of reporting features
  • Time and costs saved through automation
  • Comfortable operation due to absence of manual tasks
  • Increased data quality
  • Consistent data base
  • Flexibility due to derivation rules that can be individually designed