Success Story „Die Stuttgarter"

COMPIRICUS maps real estate in the BaFin reporting module FS-SR-DE for "Die Stuttgarter"

„COMPIRICUS has integrated real estate from SAP Asset Accounting (FI-AA) into the SAP regulatory reporting module for Germany FS-SR-DE. In doing so, we have created the conditions for effectively meeting the regulatory reporting requirements for capital investments from a single source.“
(Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G.)

Initial Situation

Insurance companies are required to report their capital investments to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Agency (BaFin) in order to meet regulatory requirements. Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G. creates BaFin reports for capital investments using the SAP reporting module FS-SR-DE and the SAP Financial Asset Management modules TRM and CML.


The objective was to integrate real estate investments from Asset Accounting (FI-AA) in the reporting module FS-SR-DE in accordance with the regulatory requirements. SAP offers the RE Classic and REFX modules for this, but these are not used at "Die Stuttgarter". The FI-AA module therefore needed to be connected via a customer-specific enhancement.

Implementation by COMPIRICUS

SAP Asset Accounting has been integrated into the FS-SR-DE reporting module. To achieve this, the existing interfaces to Real Estate Management (RE) were replaced by a customer-specific connection to Asset Accounting (FI-AA).

Customer Benefits

  • Mapping of real estate from SAP FI-AA (without the SAP RE module)
  • Modification-free integration into the FS-SR-DE regulatory reporting module
  • Excel import for reporting master data and real estate market values