Success Story „Assimoco"

The Italian insurer Assimoco about the cooperation with COMPIRICUS:

"COMPIRICUS is not only a supplier of note for SAP. Thanks to its important project experiences, integration process and regulation knowledge, it is also a partner with solutions available to support the business process with Financial Asset Management.

With regard to Assimoco, COMPIRICUS employees have demonstrated a high level of professionalism:

  • fairness of the supplier/customer relationship 
  • punctuality in accordance with the established deadlines
  • transparency and clear management of the critical issues

The COMPIRICUS team of professionals involved in our projects have always demonstrated great competence, both functional and technical.

COMPIRICUS has proved it can ensure the flexibility necessary to manage a number of critical situations that arose in the course of the Assimoco project."

Giuseppe Ambra, ICT - SAP Competence Center