HANA for Investors

HANA for Investors

"SAP has launched the 'Hana Platform Development Accelerator for SAP' ideas competition in order to promote the Hana in-memory platform together with partner developments. COMPIRICUS, the consulting and software development company has been accepted by SAP as the only partner in the Treasury and Asset Management sector."

By Stefan Bagehorn, COMPIRICUS

As part of the project partnership with SAP, the Düsseldorf-based IT company has created an Order and Portfolio Management cockpit based on Hana architecture. This development was prompted by fact that SAP currently offers hardly any front office functionalities. With the Trade Accelerator, COMPIRICUS is offering an application that considers, consolidates and implements the latest top SAP topics. This guarantees long-term benefits and creates new opportunities for modern investment management. The road map for the Trade Accelerator envisages that all planned functionalities will be complete by 2016. The components developed to date, however, are already fully usable. Securities transactions from Trade & Order Management can now be captured directly in SAP FAM via the Trade Accelerator. The results can be viewed in realtime in the Portfolio overview. Certain Pre-Trade Limit checks such as Product Category, Blacklist for Securities ID, issue currencies, risk countries have also already been integrated.


  • All-in-one solution: The application offers an all-in-one portfolio management based on Hana. Enabling complex analytics and simulations to be conducted in realtime for the Investment portfolio.
  • Maximum automation: The solution comprises a highly-automated version of Orders and Traders with realtime validation, potentials for executing block transactions and a standardized bank communication via Swift and FIX.
  • Compliance check: Integrated module for validating internal and external company compliance rules (e.g. UCITS IV, MiFID, AIFM, KYC and Facta).
  • PC, laptop and mobiles: Access via browser-based front end, with dashboard functionalities. The layout can be configured as requested by the client.
  • Installation: Either in-house, based on an SAP ECC suite, or as a side-car instance to an existing back office. A cloud service license is possible.

Source: E-3 DECEMBER 2014 / JANUARY 2015