Newsletter September 2020

COMPIRICUS Newsletter September 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

"Keep calm even in difficult circumstances!" Once stated the Roman satirist and poet Horace (65 - 8 BC). Easier said than done; especially when unexpectedly from now on many things appear different and more difficult than before, when it remains open whether and when we can return to familiar habits. Like many times in life, the current situation has required us to rethink and be open to reorganize ourselves and the things of our (working) everyday life, to be open to new solutions.

So we have also thought about which modern solutions we can use to help you organize your everyday work and the challenges associated with it as comfortably and efficiently as possible - for more composure even in difficult circumstances.

When liquidity analysis becomes a pleasure experience

CILA - COMPIRICUS Intelligent Liquidity Analytics is the new all-in-one liquidity management software solution that enables both insurance and industrial companies to experience liquidity analysis on an unprecedented scale: Simple. Individual. Emotional.

You can get a first impression on the website:

COMPIRICUS Intelligent Liquidity Analytics

Financial process automation is more important than ever

At present, many companies are facing increasing cost pressure due to the crisis. Measures to increase efficiency can be indispensable to ensure competitiveness. It is worth taking a look at the business processes in the financial areas.

After all, securing competitiveness is also a concern for the finance departments of companies when it comes to streamlining processes and thus reducing costs in the long term. Although ERP-based work in the finance department is used, complex, manual processes still burden the daily work routine and cause unnecessary expenses.

What you should pay special attention to, you can read in our article from the new E-3 magazine:

Finance Process Automation

More Quality, More Transparency, More Speed: How SAP Financial Processes Make People Happy

The frequently expressed wish of our customers for

  • transparent financial processes
  • first-class process quality
  • time-saving processes

has inspired our innovation team to create a solution The COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP is a software solution for the automation of investment management and treasury processes such as

  • Annual, quarterly and monthly statements
  • End-of-day processing operations (controls, evaluations)
  • Insurance reporting (SR-DE, SR-US etc.)

Learn more about

COMPIRICUS Process Cockpit for SAP

Lean and high-performance TMS

In many companies, the treasury system landscape has grown historically. Frequently, system enhancements have been made gradually, which have made the TMS voluminous and sluggish. Moreover, numerous interfaces make the system prone to errors, media breaks and the resulting manual intermediate steps impair efficiency.

At the same time, the User Experience (UX), i.e. the user experience of the end user, often falls by the wayside, making work tedious and no longer fun. It doesn't have to be like this: With minimal effort, you can get back to a high-performance financial system landscape. For this purpose, we offer you a clean-up check including a target scenario definition according to the principle "as much as necessary, as little as possible".

To the details

TMS Clean-up Check

Efficient migration of your treasury system landscape to SAP S/4HANA

The introduction of S/4HANA Treasury is not a simple release change or a purely technical upgrade. Rather, it has the scale of a complex transformation project based on new processes and functions as well as a profoundly changed system landscape.

Read here how we can support you

COMPIRICUS Service Package Releasewechsel SAP S/4HANA Treasury