COMPIRICUS Newsletter February 2016

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We wish you all the best for 2016. In this newsletter we will show you how to optimize and get the most out of your SAP TRM/FAM and CML software for treasury, planning and accounting purposes. We hope you’ll find it useful!

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Bond Issuance Management at its best

Bond Issuances are becoming increasingly popular for companies to raise cash in order to finance long-term operations. Issuing Bonds are one way of raising money next to bank loans or equity issuance. But regulatory and reporting requirements are becoming complex and require adaptations to your financial software. These are crucial reasons to make sure that Bond Issuances are being managed professionally. Our White Paper gives you insights on how to manage Bond Issuances using SAP TRM.



Bloomberg switches from FTP to SFTP connection

Soon Bloomberg will migrate from “File Transfer Protocol” (FTP) to “Secure File Transfer Protocol” (SFTP). On the 31st of March, all FTP Accounts will be switched off by Bloomberg. After migration Bloomberg users will benefit from additional security standards, stronger encryption and extended authentication. On the other hand, Bloomberg users face the challenge to build up an SFTP connection to their SAP ERP systems. COMPIRICUS has developed a standard software solution - The Financial Adapter® - that helps you build a secure interface and to import and export data from and to SAP TRM.


How to optimize and get the most out of your finance software

Treasury departments need to have a robust and integrated software landscape in place to manage their complex financial processes at an optimum. We experienced that many SAP TRM users are not fully aware of the capabilities and the value their software can bring to them. After an implementation is made, over the years adjustments to new TRM functionality, features and enhancements in new releases are often not set up. COMPIRICUS offers health checks for SAP TRM/FAM/CML to ensure that the application is efficiently used and individualization are reduced to a minimum.


Mortgage Management with SAP CML

SAP CML is the mortgage management application from SAP for managing given and taken mortgages in the US and globally in all kind of industries, especially mortgage banks and insurance companies. COMPIRICUS has a long track record in implementing the software and even offers integrated add-on packages as an SAP development partner (such as schedule B reporting for US insurance companies).



COMPIRICUS at Annual Educational Conference and Business Show

COMPIRICUS will be at this year’s Annual Educational Conference and Business Show. The IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show will take place in San Antonio, Texas from June 12-15, 2106 and is widely recognized as one of the best educational and networking events in the industry.


Just in case you want to meet up with one of our colleagues at this event, just drop an email to