COMPIRICUS and ConVista Consulting launched ComnServ

New York, May, 2014, ComnServ has been launched as a joint venture between COMPIRICUS, Inc. and ConVista Consulting Inc. to provide Cloud (SaaS/MCaaS) operations and to offer software solutions for SAP’s Financial Asset Management (FAM) applications to the North American insurance investment accounting market. ComnServ will provide implementation, operation and support for SAP’s FAM Investment Accounting software that is used by over 160 clients world-wide.

ComnServ was created to serve a growing demand for Investment Accounting expertise and consultants with a full understanding of business processes and the applications that can be leveraged to transform and support each client’s business. ComnServ professionals have an extensive knowledge of insurance and investment accounting gained by implementing investment accounting solutions in the US and Canada as well as around the globe.

“ComnServ provides the specialized expertise needed to comply with unique US and Canadian Investment Accounting and Operations requirements. Each firm brings talents that will allow the North American market to benefit from functionality and technology used globally by several of the world’s largest insurance companies. Our objective is to allow insurers, cloud providers and business process organizations to benefit from the FAM offering.” Scott Ferrante, ComnServ Co-CEO.

With proven global success, SAP is committed to expanding FAM within the North American Insurance Investment Accounting market. The relationship with ComnServ and SAP will deliver a Cloud-based comprehensive multi-asset investment accounting solution with FAM that provides support from initial trade to NAIC regulatory investment reporting.

“ComnServ brings together the strengths of two organizations that have years of expertise with investment accounting and operations combined with the cloud services supported by SAP FAM for the North American market. We are confident that this team will bring new tailored business solutions to the market based on their depth of experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology platforms.” Jorg Pappert, ComnServ Co-CEO.