Ten-year anniversary of COMPIRICUS AG partnership with SAP

COMPIRICUS AG (which has offices in Dusseldorf and Boston and specializes in software and consulting for treasury, asset, and risk management) is marking the 10th anniversary of its partnership with SAP. COMPIRICUS AG develops solutions in the field of statutory reporting for insurance companies, based on SAP® Financial Asset Management.

Dusseldorf, March 8th 2016. COMPIRICUS is marking the 10th anniversary of its partnership with SAP, which focuses on software development related to the SAP® Treasury and Risk Management, SAP Financial Asset Management, SAP Loans Management and reporting applications. COMPIRICUS manages country-specific reporting content, a key component of country-specific localization in the insurance sector, in SAP Financial Asset Management. This software development partnership, which for a decade has been successfully providing solutions for the Italian, Spanish and American insurance industries, has proven to be highly productive for large multinational insurers as well as smaller domestic insurance companies.

“The fact that the scope of cooperation in the U.S. insurance sector has now been expanded will enable us to provide maximal benefits for our customers. So we’re expecting great things from our partnership with SAP in the coming years,” said Jörg Pappert, a board member at COMPIRICUS AG and CEO of COMPIRICUS Inc. 


COMPIRICUS AG is an internationally oriented software provider and consulting firm that specializes in the financial field, as well as treasury, asset and risk management. As an SAP partner developing applications on the SAP HANA® platform, COMPIRICUS provides consulting services for the roll-out of innovative SAP applications.

Thanks to COMPIRICUS’s extensive experience, the company strives to act as a partner to its customers for complex and sophisticated projects, in terms of both conceptualization and software development and implementation. COMPIRICUS has extensive experience when it comes to the successful roll-out of groundbreaking projects. Thanks to its methodical approach, COMPIRICUS has the ability to transform seemingly complex customer projects into structured roll-out projects. COMPIRICUS counts among its customers prominent international and local companies.