COMPIRICUS Charity – Doing Good Together

We donate – you decide who receives this

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Clients,

Not all people in this world are lucky enough to be able to live in such peaceful, safe and wealthy conditions as we are accustomed to. We are well aware of this, and it is a matter close to our heart to help where help is urgently needed. At the beginning of 2018 we therefore launched “COMPIRICUS Charity”.

“COMPIRICUS Charity” is an expression of our awareness of social responsibility. Therefore, for instance on the occasion of the past Christmas we did without the usual presents and instead handed out donation vouchers, which could be allocated to various charity projects at our COMPIRICUS Charity Portal. This enabled us to join together for a good cause with a total amount of € 4,000 available. We would like to kindly thank everyone who participated.

Results of the donation choice "COMPIRICUS Charity Christmas 2018":

SOS Children´s Villages: 35,2%
Herzenswünsche e.V.: 26%
Doctors of the World: 14,1%
Amnesty International: 11,5%
Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe: 6,6%
Red Cross Germany: 6,6%