Experts in Finance, Asset, Treasury and Risk Management

When It Comes to Treasury and Risk Management with SAP, We Are Your Perfect Partner: More Than 20 Years’ Experience

Customized solutions, which not only make everyday work extremely efficient for asset, treasury and risk managers, but also at the same time make things considerably easier

COMPIRICUS was established in 2009 as an owner-operated public limited company and today, as part of the X1F Group, it is one of the leading international consultants, implementation and development partners of software for Asset, Treasury and Risk Management with a prime focus on SAP.

Numerous employees in our team are very familiar with the SAP modules Treasury (SAP TRM), Financial Asset Management (SAP FAM) and the loan management module (SAP CML) from the very first “line of code”.

This unique SAP know-how in Asset, Treasury and Risk Management on the one hand, combined with our comprehensive business expertise on the other hand, ensures our clients high-quality, sophisticated process and system solutions, which not only make everyday work extremely efficient for asset, treasury and risk managers, but also at the same time make things considerably easier.

For example, for over 20 years COMPIRICUS Group’s team has successfully supported renowned companies in designing, implementing and customizing in Asset, Treasury and Risk Management. Amongst others, our clients include DAX-listed financial service providers as well as corporations from diverse sectors of industry.

Partner for sophisticated projects

Our many years of experience make us the right partner for our customers and their challenging projects when it comes to design, software development, and implementa­tion. The projects we take on often involve uncharted territory. Our methodical approaches enable us to transform seemingly complex projects into structured implementation projects.

The high expectations we place in ourselves is reflected in our company's name. It is comprised of the following components: COMPass sets the course we follow and what we wish to develop; emPIRICUS (Latin for "through experience") is the foundation of our pursuit—forging new paths for the future based on successfully completed projects and product developments.

Our work is characterized by a high level of quality and the best possible use of the many facets of our expertise. Open and fair communication about the best possible solution characterizes our identity. This also applies to COMPIRICUS team members when they interact with one another, as well as during discussions with our customers and business partners. We place great emphasis on sustainable customer relationships by practicing trusting and respectful cooperation internally and externally.

Milestones of our SAP Treasury expertise

1992-1995: COMPIRICUS contributed to the development of the SAP-TRM module

1999: COMPIRICUS team members designed the TRM localisation for Spain

2001: COMPIRICUS team members among the first to implement parallel accounting to IFRS standards in TRM

2003: First automated special fund consolidation to IFRS standards: Interface for the fully automated import of KAG data

2006: Development work in cooperation with SAP on the insurance reporting system based on TRM

2008: First SAP Development Partner to implement TRM in the U.S. insurance market

2009-2011: SAP retains COMPIRICUS to develop the localisation of TRM for the U.S. market

2011: Adaptation of the SAP FS-SR-DE module to new regulatory requirements by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority imposed on a number of insurance companies

2012: First fully automated, bi-directional SimCorp Dimension (SCD) - SAP TRM interface for the integration of SCD as a front office system

2012-2013: Interface Bloomberg AIM - SAP TRM Master data interface Bloomberg - SAP TRM

2012-2015: Development of SAP TRM add-ons for the U.S. market and accompaniment of the implementation process at major companies

2013: SAP reporting system derivation tool for fully automated determination of reporting system position indicators

2014: Development of an extension to SAP TRM for monitoring funding contributions to development aid investments

2014: In-house development for monitoring limits imposed internally or by supervisory authorities on the basis of SAP Analyzer

2015: Interface Blackrock Aladdin - SAP TRM

2016: COMPIRICUS Trade Accelerator – one of the first SAP Treasury developments powered by SAP HANA

2016: Accompaniment of Europe’s largest project for the introduction of IFRS 9a

2016: COMPIRICUS signs its first client for outsourcing the entire SAP FAM landscape via the ComnServ joint venture

2017: Lead implementation partner for the first comprehensive introduction of SAP TRM running on S4/HANA

2018: Co-Innovation Support for SAP’s new hedge solution for new US GAAP regulations.

2019: Localization-Design for the countries SE, NL, FR for SAP TRM in the Cloud

2020: SAP Cloud Platform Apps:

  • Treasury process automation
  • Investment forecasting/controlling