Your Software and Consulting Specialist for Treasury, Asset and Risk Management

COMPIRICUS is an international software provider and consultant partner special­ized in finance, as well as treasury, asset, and risk management. As SAP Partner and SAP Application Development Partner for HANA we support and advice our clients on the implementation of innovative SAP products. The company was founded by an experienced team of consultants.

Our many years of experience make us the right partner for our customers and their challenging projects when it comes to design, software development, and implementa­tion. The projects we take on often involve uncharted territory. Our methodical approaches enable us to transform seemingly complex projects into structured implementation projects.

The high expectations we place in ourselves is reflected in our company's name. It is comprised of the following components: COMPass sets the course we follow and our path for growth; emPIRICUS (Latin for "through experience") is the foundation of our pursuit—forging new paths for the future based on successfully completed projects and product developments.

Our work is characterized by a high level of quality and the best possible use of the many facets of our expertise. Open and fair communication about the best possible solution characterizes our identity. This also applies to COMPIRICUS team members when they interact with one another, as well as during discussions with our customers and business partners. We place great emphasis on sustainable customer relationships by practicing trusting and respectful cooperation internally and externally.