Cost-Efficient Management of Run-Off Inventories

Take advantage of our experience from more than 20 years

Lean processes, optimized system settings and performant system environments

Managing run-off inventories with minimum effort and expense requires efficient processes, optimal system settings and a standardized, well-coordinated system environment. Cross-cutting structures, similar to a corporate group, for instance in Cash Management, in Reporting and in Liquidity Planning help in administration and integration into inhomogeneous inventories. Newly acquired “foreign” portfolios therefore also have to be able to be quickly and effortlessly integrated into these cross-cutting structures.

As an IT and consulting specialist for Financial Asset Management with SAP, for more than 20 years we have been supporting renowned insurance companies, such as ERGO, AXA, or asset managers such as MEAG in matters related to

  • Capital Investment Management
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting

You can be sure of our deep understanding for the processes in your business, “practice-oriented” consulting and customized solutions.

Our Consulting and Service Portfolio

● System Implementation

COMPIRICUS is one of the leading international consultants and providers of applications for Treasury, Asset and Risk Management primarily focused on SAP FAM. As an implementation and development partner we are well acquainted with the SAP Financial Asset Management module and SAP Consumer, Corporate Mortgage Loans module (SAP CML) right from the very first “line of code”, and for more than 20 years we have been successfully supporting renowned companies with conception, implementation and customizing.

● System Configuration

An efficient configuration of the SAP FAM module and the processes hence related to it minimizes the costs for the ongoing system operation.

You don’t need to have the specialist knowledge necessary for this yourself – COMPIRICUS has comprehensive knowledge and know-how from more than 50 implementation projects.

  • “Health Check” of the system configuration and the related processes, i.e. checking settings and processes in your system environment and compiling a list of proposals for improvement (if this is necessary).
  • Evaluation of system settings and processes with regard to acquiring additional insurance portfolios.
  • “Outsourcing” the specialist system support, i.e. COMPIRICUS provides the necessary expertise particularly required for new products or for a possible HANA implementation, and enables you to operate a lean system while always retaining flexibility with regard to special requirements.

● Liquidity Planning

Good liquidity planning reduces the required liquid funding reserves and hence increases capital investment yields. The appropriate planning process and suitable tools simplify the integration of additional inventories in your portfolio and fulfil the regulation requirements, for instance stress tests.

  • Defining a planning structure (orientation to account system) and identifying all internal plan sources (capital investment management, insurance technology and operational cash flows) and external service providers (capital investment management).
  • Introduction of the liquidity planner for effortlessly comparing with the actual data in the liquidity calculation and implementation of a solution for collection and aggregation of budget figures on the time axis, for instance using SAP BW or SAP BW on S/4 HANA (embedded).
  • Definition and coordination of a planning process, documentation of the process using guidelines and/or instructions and communication of the process in companies and vis-à-vis external partners.
  • Introduction of a liquidity stress test on the basis of the respective latest liquidity planning and the appropriate variation of the planned incoming and outgoing payments in a consistent scenario on the assets and liabilities sides of the balance sheet.


● Cash Management

In the management of payment transactions an increase in efficiency has a direct impact on the respective expenses. When business is expanded it is frequently necessary to optimize an existing payment transaction solution and the related processes.

  • Checking and optimizing the integration of an existing payment transaction solution within the framework of the “health checks” of the system configuration.
  • Expert consulting services regarding the optimization potential and support for the introduction of the appropriate SAP functionalities (for instance Cash Management, Inhouse Bank, Bank Communication Manager) in particular for the acquisition of additional insurance inventories and the related expansion of payment transactions.

● Statutory Reporting and Reporting

The requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other regulators with regard to insurance regulatory reporting also apply to run-off inventory managers. When regulations change, measures need to be implemented, which can be done cost-efficiently by a specialized service provider like COMPIRICUS – in particular in view of the fact that, as development partner for SAP for insurance statutory reporting, we have many years of know-how in this environment.

  • Checking notification and reporting configuration(s) in SAP FAM or, if necessary integrated existing third-party systems within the course of the “health check”.
  • Optimization (insofar as necessary) of the reporting functions through the introduction or client-specific customization of the SAP reporting module FS-SR-DE.
  • Proactive and prompt communication of changes in insurance regulatory reporting by COMPIRICUS, including a proposal for implementing changes in the SAP system or if necessary existing third-party systems.

Your Advantages

  • Cost-efficiency in capital investment management
  • Optimized processes and systems
  • Rapid integration of “foreign” inventories
  • Reduction of required liquid funding reserves
  • Increase in capital investment yields