Cash Disposition Monitor

Modern cash management in your SAP finance and treasury environment

Significant increase in efficiency through automation

Modern cash disposition management

Do you want to set up a modern cash disposition management system in your corporate group, which monitors the timely processing of your capital transaction and payment transaction flows from your treasury management or asset management systems in real time across the entire group?

Would you like to increase the forecasting accuracy for planning important incoming payments and decrease the debiting of your bank accounts for outgoing payments?

Optimal monitoring of international payment transactions

Are you looking for a reporting tool that allows you to control your company-wide payment flows in your international bank accounts in several countries and to have account currencies for your treasury payments, transfers and capital market transactions?

Increase in efficiency through automation

Do you aim to run an efficient cash disposition management system that automatically prepares and compares payment advices and planned items? Would you also like the planned items to be assigned automatically to the payment items in the electronic bank statement data during clearing?

Cost savings

Would you like to reduce and optimize the use of your resources through modern real-time monitoring and the central provision of all group-wide bank statement information and planned items in the various account currencies?

Our Solution


The COMPIRICUS Cash Disposition Monitor offers you a comprehensive solution and a modern user interface. The monitor provides you with all data from the electronic bank statements and planned items/payment advices generated from treasury, front office and asset management systems (e.g. SCD, SAP FI, SAP TRM etc.) automatically in real time. In doing so, it clears the planned items/payment advices automatically or according to the individual requirements or specifications of the user (1:N, N:N).

Multi-Entity / multi-currency / multi-user

The user-specific selection of work areas by company, account currency or bank account group in the Cash Disposition Monitor allows you to manage your domestic and foreign bank accounts with optimum efficiency and ensures the use of the monitor in a cash management organization with a centralized or decentralized structure.

International formats

Thanks to the provision of all bank account information and the individual arrangement of the Cash Disposition Monitor's comparison matrix, cash planners can set up the user interface to best suit the requirements of their international formats.

Tracking and reporting

The planned items that have been compared are linked to the relevant line items in the bank statement after clearing in the Cash Disposition Monitor's database. Thus, the Cash Disposition Monitor has a tracking and reporting tool, which allows users to evaluate the actual payment day compliance or payment day shift for the individual bank and clearing partners in a structured manner.

Your Benefits

The experience factor

The COMPIRICUS team has more than two decades of cash management experience with a strong focus on automation, integration and international processes.

Cost benefits

The Cash Disposition Monitor enables you to organize the cash disposition processes in your corporate group optimally and cost-effectively.


Your individual clearing processes, the feed and evaluation of your payment advices/planned items can be expanded within the SAP development environment (e.g. ISIN, CUSIP, Trade Identifier, posting and transfer codes, etc.) and adapted to suit your needs.

Transparency and speed

The provision of all relevant information and data and the automation of standard and mass processes significantly improve the transparency and processing speed of your planning processes.

Business improvements

Thanks to the integration of your planning and payment transaction data, you have a planning tool that allows you to further optimize adherence to deadlines and the ability to forecast payment processing of banking and clearing partners.

Product Versions

The COMPIRICUS Cash Disposition Monitor is available in different versions - depending on your requirements:

Standard or individual installation

You can purchase the software as a standard installation or as part of an individual SAP Cash Management project with specific front office or treasury system interfaces and matching algorithms.

License purchase or software leasing

You can purchase either a full license of the software or lease it for a specified period.